It’s Not Just Tribe Fans Who Are Screaming CHOOOOO!

Well, the Tribe lost yesterday in a thrilling battle, 5-4. That’s not what I’m going to talk about in this entry, I’m mostly going to talk about Shin-Shoo-Choo. He has had a film crew filming a documentary about him, & they should be filming him all this week ; I believe. Well, within this filming we learned about Choo’s newfound idol, Y.E. Yang. (: He was very happy about him beating Tiger Woods in golf, as I found this on ; “I don’t play golf, and I’m not a golf fan,” Choo said. “But I wanted him to beat Tiger. When he did, I was jumping around the clubhouse like, ‘Oh yeah!'” But Choo’s Indians teammates, who continue their three-game set against the Angels on Wednesday night at Progressive Field, didn’t wait long to turn this into an opportunity to razz their buddy Choo. “They said [Yang] is the most famous Korean athlete now,” Choo said with a smile. “They said I’m No. 2 now.” Hey, there’s no shame in that standing, as Choo is still pretty popular. Evidence of that fact was on display Tuesday, when a South Korean television crew followed Choo’s every move around the ballpark.” Yeah, dont worry Choo! Your still popular as always, especially with Tribe fans!


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& While We Wait For Tonight’s Game..

I have a ton of awesome things to talk about. First, Our No.1 Draft pick Alex White, was signed last night just before the deadline, to over $2 million dollars. Wow, thats a lot of moolah. Now, I think he has a chance to be a star. An ace. With all these trades, it’s obvious what the Tribe is asking.

Yeah, that’s about right. Well, now we know one of the things that the Tribe will do. Personally? I think it’s a good decision. Some of the fans made me laugh with their comments…one even jokingly said ; “Does he play qb?” That makes room for me to say this..I love the Browns. & It should be Brady Quinn for QB! Ahem. Okay. I had a moment.  Another thing I saw ; “If he makes the roster next year Wedge will try him at shortstop.” I hope that’s intended to be a joke..he looks like a pitcher, which is what he should be. I sure thought it was funny, though. & Another one I got mad at ; ” Let’s make sure we “bring him along slowly”…you know….watch his pitch count… that he’ll be really strong when he leaves and signs with Boston, NY or Philly.” HEY. Come on now, people. Was that a Yanks fan? Bet it was. Nothing against Yankees fans, though.

Alright, on to some really funny stuff. Remember in my last entry, where I was talking about Luis Valbeuna’s reactions to Grady’s 3rd homerun of the inning, that put us up 4-3 after being down 3-0? Well, here you go.

luis reaction hahaa.jpg

Yes, I know. Kodak moment. Cant you almost hear his thoughts? “Woahh..we did that? THIS IS AMAZING.” It was amazing.(: That’s a look of pure shock. A look of unbelievalbleness. Did I spell that right? Oh well.

Also, the Indians have been on fire lately. & You know what? I dont care if we aren’t in it, it’s still amazing. The race, that is. We have lost so many people, but somehow..the future is starting to look bright. Weird how things turn out, right? & Now..I give the Tribe a ribbon, for not giving up & doing their best no matter what.
i1st place.gif

 Alright, of course there is that one thing..last but not least. Me & a fellow Tribe fan on here decided to sort of buddy up, to help eachother get as many comments as possible. Yeah, were a team. That’s what fellow Tribe fans do for eachother, they help eachother out. (: So, here we go. Visit my friend’s blog, okay? OK.




Oh, I almost forgot. Dexter says Hi!

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Tribe Takes Another Series In Grand Style (:

Sorry about my absence lately, it’s been hectic. School starts soon for me, on August 24th, so I have been sort of busy. I have a lot of games I haven’t covered, but I only have time to cover yesterdays, which was a great one. We had won our 5oth game the day before, which I could watch on TV for once, & I could also watch yesterdays. Well, the Twins took the lead 3-0, & I wasn’t so happy. I have learned though, to sit there & be as patient as possible, & dont give up. It payed off. To open up the bottom of the 3rd, Kely Shoppach of the Tribe hit a solo blasted homer, making it 3-1. I smiled, & felt a little better. Then, Luis Valbuena sent a monster out, making it 3-2. I was shocked & happy by then. Andy Marte got hit by a pitch, sending him to 1st. Then, who better to come up, then my hero? Grady Sizemore came up to bat. I started getting a little greedy, & thought ; Hey, if he hits a homer, that would be amazing! Plus, we would be suddenly winning! I wasn’t prepared for him to hit one, though. He did! It was crushed to the upperdeck! It was suddenly 4-3 Tribe.


You should have seen the reaction from Luis Valbuena, it was definetely a Kodak moment, & it you want to, it’s on the 3rd highlights link, & after Grady Sizemore’s homer. Yes, I only have three links, because the 3rd is of the three homers in the same inning. It was awesome.


Last but certainly not least, people keep saying Asdrubal Cabrera is the next Omar Vizquel for the Tribe. & I cant help saying, that, he is! He’s an amazing shortstop. Some of the plays he makes are unbelievable. Oh, we eventually won the game 7-3. Cant forget that part! 


Here are the highlights. I would watch the 3rd one, its my favorite.

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Two Words ; Shut Out. Or Is It Shut-Out? Anyways..  (:

Okay, I have to make this entry sort of short, since I dont have a lot of time. The key to this game? Pitching, & defense. Oh, & of course a big inning. The Indians had a 5 run inning early, making it 5-0 Tribe. It stayed that way the whole night, & the Tribe shut out the Texas Rangers. Yes, the Texas Rangers. One of the best offense in MLB. I have to say I was very proud. & When Omar Vizquel came up, I was proud of the fellow Tribe fans, who gave him a standing ovation, & he waved to the crowd. Asdrubal Cabrera, our current shortstop, wears Omar Vizquel’s 13 in his honor. Awww! I find that so awesome. Asdrubal made some Omar like plays, infact, two of them in a row. Cant you tell Omar & Asdrubal get along? (:

omar and asdrubal.jpg

Oh yeah, if we win today again, it will be our 3rd win in a row, & also our 5oth win. So, we will have 50 wins, & not even 64 losses yet. I really dont think that is that bad, in my mind. On to the highlights.

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Weekend In Review & The Score Is Me: 1, & My Dad: 0.

Well, the Tribe had a weekend series against the Chicago White Sox on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. My dad is a so called “fan” of the White Sox, but it’s mostly because, 1. He likes to annoy me by cheering for them, & 2. Jim Thome is one of the Sox’s players. So, I threatened him, telling him that the Tribe was going to kick butt in the series. Well, the first game, they sure did do well. The Tribe won, alongside Kelly Shoppach’s 2 run homer, 6-2 as a final. When I told my dad that, he said, “There is no way the Indians will win the series.” The gambler in me begged to differ, & I told him we would definetely win. The second game wasn’t so good, as the Sox won over the Tribe, 8-5. The Tribe’s new starter, ( & I think new ace ) did well, but had a certain low pitch count because we are slowly going to work in to the process of a starter. The bullpen didnt do well, but the Sox pitcher continually did well for awhile, then finally gave up some runs. When he was striking out people, Jhonny Peralta was not so happy. Hey, who can blame him??


Then, it was time for the 3rd game, which would decide everything. Would I be right, or would my dad? & To make it better, it was going to be one of those that I could actually watch on TV. Classic battle, eh? So, my dad was watching it half-heartedly, which he usually never watches the games at all. I, on the other hand, was glued to the TV, & watching intently. Well, the White Sox took the early lead 3-0, & I calmly stayed there & knew we could come back if we wanted. I tried my best not to panic, & I was rewarded. In perfect timing, actually. My dad had gone to the store while the game was going on, & came back to see “his Sox” leading 3-0. Psh..bring it on. I just sat there, knowing he was feeling an inner smugness inside. Then, the Tribe got busy, loading the bases. he looked a little different. Then, SMACK. The bats went cracking, eventually making it 3-2. In the same inning..BAM. Jamey Carroll hit a double, scoring 2 runs, & giving us the lead! I clapped my hands, & then, I saw Jamey Carroll doing the same thing on 2nd base. Jamey Carroll had quite a day.

high fivee.jpgThen, I sighed, content with what had happened, & feeling a bit of my own smugness wilting up, & at the same time that I sank into my seat, they panned the camera on the Tribe’s Andy Marte, who did the exact same thing, sighing in content, while taking a break, before the inning ended. It’s safe to say, after that, the Tribe didn’t look back. They scored, & scored, & scored. David Huff pitched, & pitched, & pitched. Boy, did he do a good job! The final was 8-4 Tribe

medium_tribe2.jpgThe Tribe also had fantastic defense, putting the White Sox errorish defense to shame. Not to say that they stink at defense or anything all the time, but this series was not the best for the White Sox’s defense. As you can see below, we did quite a good job, including that double play that we turned. 

large_tribe1.jpgIn the end, it was a great series. The Tribe won the 5 of the last 6 series they have had, & continued their winning ways. It’s probably safe to say that at 48 wins, we are going to reach 50 wins & more, way before we will get close to losing 70. 

Its safe to say this : Tribe, 2 games. White Sox, 1. Tribe wins the series, So Tribe, 1. White Sox, 0. & Me, the Tribe fan, 1. My dad, the Sox fan, 0. Of course, I got some highlights from the series, & there are quite a bit of them.

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Tribe Takes Series From Twins

This was a pitcher’s duel, that’s for sure. Fausto Carmona pitched a gem for us, despite allowing runners on base, he always seemed to get out of jams. The Twins scored first, & early, then we eventually tied it, making it 11. Finally, Trevor Crowe smacked a double to deep center, driving in Travis Hafner, making it 2-1 Tribe.”I’ve been to the big leagues twice this season and knew I could swing the bat well, but just wasn’t having success,” Crowe said. “To have some success this time and be a part of the team’s wins makes you feel you belong in the Major Leagues.” He definetely does belong here(: Our bullpen pitchers & our closer did  a good job, & made that the final score.

I may not post over the weekend, I’m not really sure. If I dont, I will still cover the games I didn’t post about on Monday. Oh, & I would also like to thank everyone for always commenting, & now I’m #21 on the latest leaders list. Lastly, here are some highlights.

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Tribe Turns The Tables (:

Oh yes, that is exactly what we did. The Tribe came out with bats swinging, & Aaron Laffey came out with all his good pitching. He has pitched well against the Twins this year. Infact, before last night, he pitched a game that I went to for my Birthday, & beat the Twins, where the final was 4-2 Tribe. The Indians got their revenge, & won 8-1. Oh, & Jess Todd did quite a job closing out the game. Lookie here, here’s a picture from last night, & Asdrubal Cabrera slid in safely to third.


Now, I’m going to talk about Trevor Crowe. He had a chance with all these trades, & boy is he doing well for us. I definetely think he should be staying. He had more RBIs in last night’s game, & basically he does that every night. Plus, the 1-2 punch of him & Grady is a very good thing. Trevor is 9th to bat, then Grady leads off.”They came out Tuesday and really put it on us, then they had Francisco Liriano on the mound,” Trevor said. “I think we’re showing that, although we may be some guys down, we can still go out and compete.” He has really blue eyes! Just saying. Trevor does, that is. See?


Okay, now on to the highlights!

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Tribe vs Twins – Twins Win The First Game

Alright, so last night we faced the Twins. I dont understand how we really, I dont. David Huff was pitching strikes the whole time..well at first. Then, he started giving up walks &, I guess I sort of understand. Anyways, the final score was 10-1 Twins.

I was so upset about the attendance at Progressive Field. Look, Tribe fans, I know it stinks. All these trades have been hard on us. It’s been difficult. Not going to the games, though, is NOT going to solve anything. I’m one of those really loyal Indians fans, so the attendance really gets to me. Just get out there, & support your team, already!

I hope we can get our revenge tommorow & pound the Twins. Oh, one more thing. Three players we brought up because of these trades, Chris Giminez, Trevor Crowe, & Andy Marte, have done a good job for us. & Of course Justin Masterson has done a really good job, too. Wait, I forgot something. Jose Veraas has been designated for assignment, so Jess Todd, our “player to be named later,” in the Mark DeRosa trade, can be brought up. 

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Grady Sizemore’s Happy Birthday :)

Yesterday was Grady Sizemore’s birthday, & it was a happy one for him! He hit a two run homer, & helped us crush the Tigers 11-1. I was happy because I love when he hits homeruns, & especially on his birthday! I feel a little better about all the trades, but not really. When I think about them is when it starts really getting to me. I felt bad, because I know Grady’s birthday is on the 2nd, but I didn’t remember yesterday was his birthday ’till they said it during the game. Still, I screamed “Happy Birthday,” probably abouy five times, even though I knew he wouldn’t hear me. Glad you had a Happy Birthday, Grady!

happy birthday.jpg

When asked about a Birthday cake, Grady said this,”Cake?” he said. “Uh, no. No cake.” GASP. Grady? You dont like cake? Who doesn’t love cake? Okay, Okay. I understand how  you dont like a lot of attention to be focused on you, but I would feel bad if you didn’t get a cake. So..I will give you a sort-of cake. It’s not real, of course. It’s still my way of wishing you a Happy Birthday, though. Even though it was yesterday, I never had time to blog yesterday, so I have to do it today. Happy late-ish birthday šŸ™‚



I found some highlights from yesterday’s game, also.

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Thanks For The Memories

That’s all I know to say to Victor..thanks for the memories, & thanks for everything. As you all probably know right now, Vic was traded to the Red Sox. I already said everything he meant to the Tribe, & it kills me inside to say “meant,” because he still means a lot. When I saw his interview, & knew he was fighting back tears & had been crying, my heart broke. Shattered. I even started crying. It sounds babyish, but fans get attached to the players, especially someone like Victor. Goodbye Victor. We love you.


goodbyee victor.jpgRemember when you completed our 10 run comeback in the 9th, & hit that single? I do. Remember when we clinched the AL Division Title in 2007, & said, “We did it. We did it!”
I do. I’ll always remember you, Victor. I hope you have a great time with the Red Sox…As you all have guessed, I am quite upset today. It’s been a tough week, & especially a tough couple days. I was hoping he would never get traded, & before the day came, I was dreading it inside, because I had a feeling this would happen. I am too shocked & upset to write much about this trade…

Uh, on the brightside, I have to talk about yesterday’s win. We went into extra innings tied at 5, & eventually won in the bottom of the 13th against the Tigers, 6-5. & On a sad, sad day, where I was basically moping the whole day, it ended on a good note. Maybe the Tribe listened to the letter. They sure did keep fighting. & The outcome was also a mob of Jamey Carroll.


There are also some highlights that I found.

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