An Update, & Getting Ready For The Home-Run Derby!

Ok, first I need to have an explanation as why I have been gone for a month. Well..I was grounded. No, really! I’m only fifteen so that can happen. Anyways, I had really bad grades when I got my report card, and it wasn’t pretty. So thats why I was grounded off the computer. But now I’m back for good! I hope, haha! 🙂

Well, first off, the Tribe has not done wonderful since I have been grounded. I always mark wins and losses on my calendar, and I am being honest when I say we have more losses. It’s not cool. Our record is our 6th worse going into the all-star break we ever have had – and the worst since 1991. So literally, this has been the worst season I have seen. But I REFUSE to give up! I know we can at least have better baseball after the all-star break.


Yes, a mission. A mission to make other fans stop giving up. I know it sounds totally corny and all, but I’m tired of hearing so called “Tribe Fans” complaining that the team
lost, and saying that there “hopeless this year” and that “they barely ever win.” Give me a break! I even heard a Tribe fan turning around and calling Cleveland “mistake on the lake.” Wow, that’s not very loyal, and certainly not true.

Okay, and now the heart-breaker of news that I got while being grounded. Markie was traded to the Cardinals for Chris Perez. Mark DeRosa was one of the Tribe that I got attached to to fast. Right after that, he got traded! I’m sure you can tell I got attached by the fact that I’m still calling him Markie. I am going to miss him A LOT. I hope St.Louis takes good care of him.

Tonight is the Home-Run Derby. I’m not really sure who from the AL is going to be there…I’m sure if not before it comes on, I’ll find out when it does! Albert Pujols is going to be there, and I am predicting him to win. If Grady is going to be there I dont want Albert to win, but he probably will. He has like 32 homers already! It’s crazy insane. He is like a machine or something!

home run derby.jpg


  1. orangebirds

    Hey, I commented on your blog again. hey my last four posts I got (31 comments) 30 comments, 33 comments and 35 comments so I think I could get forty five if I left it up for a day and a half or two. What do you think? Please comment again. 🙂

  2. Jane Heller

    Sorry you were grounded, but I hope your grades picked up and all is well. You’re right not to give up on your Tribe. In past years, they’ve started off slowly, only to wind up in the playoffs. So who knows?

  3. azinneck

    Definitely don’t give up on your team…even if it seems other fans have, just because they are having a down year. It’ll make the successful years that much better to watch!
    And I know how it feels when a player you’ve become attached to gets traded — my 3 favorite guys were traded last season, within 12 months of each other — it’s rough!

  4. devilabrit

    Grounded…. and so you should be…. and the all the Indians players for that matter… okay so i live in tribe country but fortunately for me I am a Phillies fan and an Eagles fan so I don’t get to upset over the Indians and Browns, as they seem to say a lot around here, there’s always next year….:-)

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  5. crazy19canuck

    Do you guys really have a guy named Winston? Really? Is he any good? See, this is where useless trivia comes in handy! LOL! I don’t know much about the Indians, so I’m learning as I go!
    And try not to get grounded again. That sucks!

  6. raysfanboy

    I think that the Indians have alot of upside. Think about it: you guys have gone alot of the season without one of the best players in baseball (Sizemore), with very weak pitching, riding Victor Martinez as far as he can carry you. Those things do not typically foreshadow a good season.

    So take your lumps this season, make a few moves in the off season, and get ready to contend next season. For now, try to enjoy the ride!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by the blog today. It was nice to find a new blog to read here!

  7. lafaninslc

    Love the name of your blog!

    A few thoughts here. Please take them for what they are;

    I’ve never paid any mind as to who participates in the HR Derby or not. I’ve always thought it was a real nice event to generate more interest for the locals in the ASG.

    I’ve never been a Tribe fan, but I DO HAVE RESPECT for the organization and their fans. Never frown upon those who diss your Tribe! Keep true to your team and then when the spoils of World Series championship come to them, that will make the taste of success that much sweeter!

    Best of luck to your Tribe!!

    PS; I’ve got your blog bookmarked! I’ll be looking in and commenting from time to time! Thanks for checking out mine!


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