Getting Ready For The Second Half of The Season

First off, the non-serious & sort of funny/ironic stuff. Well, I am going to put a picture under this paragraph that I found, where Ryan Garko is signing autographs & hats. Focus on one hat, it’s beige with a dark blue cap, & it’s right by Ryan’s arm. I have the same hat! It’s a Tribe hat, & I have one that look’s just like it! Thought I would post it & show everyone. πŸ™‚

ryan garko and my hat!.jpg

Next, first half evaluations, to get ready for the second half. The official Tribe Site has the same evaluations, but I am going to make my own version of what I think about everything.

Club MVP: Shin-Shoo-Choo. He is always producing runs in any way possible, & even had a 7 RBI game one day, & had two home-runs, making it a triple away from a cycle.


Call him “Ace”:Cliff Lee, whose record is certainly not accurate according to how good he has done. He has always been our ace, also. Other than C.C, who is gone now.

Greatest strength: I agree with the Tribe site again, our greatest strength right now is our very good run production, which averages over 5 runs a game.

Biggest problem: Obviously the bullpen & pitching.

Biggest surprise: That would be that Mark DeRosa was traded.

Team needs: Mostly pitching, but maybe another slugger in the line-up could also help.

Mark your calendar: July 31-Aug. 2: The Indians will enshrine Sandy Alomar Jr. into their team Hall of Fame at Heritage Park during the weekend series against the Tigers. Former pitcher Wes Ferrell and former owners Bill Veeck and Dick Jacobs will be inducted posthumously; Sept. 22-30: The final homestand of 2009 features games against the Tigers and White Sox, as the Indians could have a direct say in how the final AL Central standings shake out; Oct. 1-4: The Indians wrap up the season with a four-game set in Boston’s famous Fenway Park. ( Just going to keep what the Official Indians Site had, that pretty much sums up the important dates, credit goes to them )

Fearless second-half prediction: The Tribe will show some improvement, & likely make some trades, & I know they will definetely get better. πŸ™‚

OK, now ending on a hilarious note. You all have to watch this video! It’s funny even if you are not a fan of the Tribe. Luis Valbuena of the Tribe & the Pittsburgh mascot were not getting along. Now some warnings for the second half : WATCH OUT FOR THE CRAZY PARROT MASCOT WHO WILL STEAL YOUR GLOVE! Oh, & one more thing before the video..WATCH OUT FOR THE CRAZY INSANE SEAGULLS!


Now watch your back or the crazy parrot mascot will come & get you.


  1. 15thtee

    It’s a shame the tribe struggled. Even though I’m a Cards fan and love having DeRosa, I think in the long run the Indians will get the better of the deal. Perez is going to be a stud closer in the future.

  2. furrski

    Second half will be big. Time to evaluate, who will be counted on next year, and who will be moved. Can Wedge do enough to finish out his contract? Will the offense stay hot? Will the bullpen gel? Where will next years starters come from? Will Westbrook resume his career and continue to be the most underrated player in the AL? Lots of questions, no doubt Shapiro will be aggressive as he knows this team must win next year. Lets get a healthy Grady and Pronk, and get some confidence back!

  3. raysfanboy

    It seems that the Indians and the Cubs have had some serious issues with seagulls this season. Any reason why? Guess it is just the mere fact that the stadiums are near large bodies of water. But the Cubs never had issues like this before.

    I think Choo is a heckuva player. The guy is slowly carving out a reputation and as he hits more and more will start to get interest from other teams. Don’t get too attached! He might get bought away from you guys. Hope not.

  4. crzblue2

    I love going to other blogs so that I can learn about other players. Are you sure that is not YOUR hat? When I was in Chicago, they also had problems with the seagulls. I guess is the year of the seagull.
    My friend Deb in Defiance, OH emailed me late last night that she watched the Dodgers. I think I told you about her. She is a Tribe fan and a Dodger fan.

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