If I hear, ” Strike 3 Called ” One More Time..

Well, the Tribe looked to beat the Mariners again tonight. David Huff was on the mound for the Indians, & Felix Hernandez started for Seattle. Let me tell you, David didn’t pitch bad, not bad at all. He gave us 3 runs in his start, but Felix was just too good. It was basically just like last night’s game, except the tables were turned & the Tribe had to face Seattle’s ace. He barely gave even change-ups away, & didn’t need to challenge any hitters except Grady Sizemore because of how good he was doing. Long story short, the Tribe lost 6-2. I liked the Tribe’s spunk, they didn’t go down until the very end without a fight. I also should tip my hat to Felix, he did really well for Seattle & deserves some credit, even though I would rather have had him pitch bad.

Grady had a triple & a double, & had a really good night as usual, but it just wasn’t enough.
That’s OK because he hit well against probably one of the best pitchers in MLB right now, so I’m really glad about how he did 🙂 He actually almost hit a homer both those times, but settled for a bounce off the wall & extra bases. I’m looking forward to the Mariner’s facing my wrath tommorow! Yes, I will be extra-charged up tommorow & ready for pay-back. :}



  1. raysfanboy

    What’s the deal? We beat the Royals for you so that you could start your climb out of the bottom! C’mon! 🙂

    Sorry for the lame game. But I’m sure you were jazzed that you could see your guys play. Plus, take solace in the fact that the Mariners are a vastly improved team and are surprising everybody this year. Tough to take on teams like that.

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