Tribe Enters 2nd Half With A Win & A Different Line-Up :)

I was so excited to finally get back to the season after the break, & I certainly should have been, because we started the 2nd half off with a resounding “W!” The first thing I noticed while sitting in my room getting ready for the game with my usual Ramen Noodles, was that Grady Sizemore was back in the lead-off spot & the line-up had a new look. I was really excited about that, because I know what a 1-2-3 punch of Grady, Asdrubal, & Choo can do to you. ( Hey that ryhmes! ) Anyways, we automatically took the lead in the first 1-0. We kept piling it on the whole game & eventually it was 3-0. After that the Mariners hit a homer to make it 3-1. Cliff Lee probably got fired up after that, because the rest of the game he just got better & better. This is what I would like to imagine what the baseball looked like coming at the Mariner’s hitters after that single homer was given up,


Wondering what the line-up looks like & why I’m making a big deal out of it? OK πŸ™‚

Grady Sizemore, CF

Asrubal Cabrera, SS

Shin-Shoo-Choo, RF

Victor Martinez, 1B

Travis Hafner, DH

Jhonny Peralta, 3B

Ben Francisco, LF

Jamey Carroll, 2B

Kelly Shoppach, C

& Now that Grady is in the lead-off spot again, he seems to be pretty comfortable there..after all, he made great offensive & great defensive plays also, like the leaping grab at the wall to save extra bases from happening for the Mariners. I’m really glad he is back in the lead-off spot!


Not to be out-done, Asdrubal decided he would make some good plays too, making a smooth behind-the-back throw to the second base-man to start an amazing double play.
Here is the link to watch it : Grady said this about that defensive play ; “It was pretty special,” Sizemore said. “He made it look easy.”

After the game Cliff Lee was interviewed about his full-game, 4-1 win. I listened to it, & just as they were waiting for him to come & get interviewed, they started talking about all the trade rumors that have been going on. Of course, Cliff came up right as they were talking about him, & they started laughing. In the interview, they eventually asked him what he thought about all the rumors & how he deals with them, & he responded, “What rumors?” That’s your awnser right there. πŸ™‚ He said, “I try not to really pay attention to any of those rumors. I dont read newspapers or any other articles about me or about rumors, all I pretty much watch is SportsCenter.” That got me laughing, & also I was shocked that he watched SportsCenter, because that’s basically what I watch, too. I shouldn’t probably have been shocked, but I was.

I know the fans were happier than they have been for awhile, ( I know I was ), because they filled up Pro Field pretty good & were even chanting “lets go tribe,” which I haven’t heard them do for awhile. πŸ™‚ It was all around an enjoyable game for me. This is probably what I imagine all the players were doing after the game, since they all played a really good game.

ta dah.jpg



  1. raysfanboy

    Cool graphics. Very neat. And I love the pic of Grady seemingly running at his shadow. Swell picture picking.

    I’m hoping to see Sizemore start doing what he is supposed to be doing–knocking the cover off the ball!

  2. indianslove

    Yeah, he does know about the rumors, I can tell by the way he said it, & he laughed & everything. He just is pretending he doesn’t, & he’s pointing out that he doesn’t want to pay any attention to the rumors, like a lot of players dont want to pay attention to rumors. I should have put in my blog that I can tell he does know about them- but he doesnt want to. I’ll just correct it here. πŸ™‚


  3. devilabrit

    I think you actually stand a good chance of another win tonight, I like Huff, now if he can have another outing like he did against the Pirates last month, it’ll definately be another win….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. orangebirds

    tribe chick,
    I tried out the embed code, and It didn’t work. Like do you copy and paste it onto the page? Or do you save the embed code, and then go back to the page and upload the embed code? I am confused. Could you go step by step?

  5. carolmwl

    Yep, the Phillies play the Marlins all weekend. Cole Hamels pitches tonight, and a sweep…..well, that just might be possible. Would be great. =) We’ll see.

  6. santosis

    I know the Indians have Hafner signed to a contract through 2012 (11.5mil per), but what are the fans feelings on this? His injuries have been tough, but his slugging is back up around where you expect it. Given that there’s not a lot of offense on the trade market this year, is there any clamorings to deal him? (Do you feel like that long term contract might come back to bite you?)

  7. indianslove

    santosis, I really dont think his contract can come back to bite us, because he has just been so great for us. Even if he was traded, ( which I cant imagine he would be ) it would have been a great experience either way πŸ™‚


  8. mrbaseballman

    Hey beside the reds the indians and braves are my teams too. the indians are my team in the american league.

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