One of Those Games That Really Hurt

Well, this one hurts. The Tribe was down 3-0, but we eventually tied it 3-3 & I was very happy by that point. I thought we could win. Well, eventually Kerry Wood gave up some runs, & it was 5-3 Mariners going into the bottom of the ninth. The Tribe had two outs & one guy on base, & Victor Martinez came to bat. The crowd was going crazy, hoping for a homer which would tie the game & give us a chance. Well, he swung & I thought it was going out. It went so far..but right at the wall Ichiro jumped & made the catch. Ouch..Victor seemed as shocked & upset as I was, & you could hear a collective sigh from the crowd. It cant be happening again. Will the second half be any better? I hope so. Another thing, I felt betrayed because of Franklin Gutierrez. He used to be with the Tribe, & Ichiro said Franklin seemed more happy about the catch then Ichiro was. ..Wow. Anyways, I hope the next series is better..


  1. azinneck

    Losses like that are harder to take than blow-outs. And to have it happen on a play like that…it’s hard not to think “here we go again” Hopefully they can get the Blue Jays in the next series! (These Ohio teams need to start stepping it up! haha)

  2. crzblue2

    I know what you mean with those tough losses. Some really really hurt but the players learn to put it out of their mind. Franklyn Gutierrez used to be in the Dodger organization. Ho is your softball going?

  3. crazy19canuck

    Hey girl! Don’t feel bad if you want to knock around the Jays. They can handle it. 🙂 Watch out for the pitchers in TO – they are too good for their own good. Blow outs, come backs and ugly wins are acceptable for the Tribe.
    Enjoy the series! Good luck and Go Tribe!

  4. indianslove

    Thanks for the encouragment everyone. It means a lot 😀 & I’m really not sure if I spelled encouragment right, but that’s alright.


  5. devilabrit

    At least the Tribe get a day of rest today, then with Lee on the mound you should be on Tuesday, no chance of the Indians trading Lee before end of month is there, maybe he would be a better buy than Halladay would be for us…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. raysfanboy

    Those are tough ones to lose. I’m sure that Gutierrez was just trying to fit in with his new team. No biggie there.

    Your day off yesterday should get you guys ready for a tough matchup with the Jays. Take out your frustrations on them!

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