The Comeback Kids :)

This game could only have been called a pitcher’s duel through 7 innings. I listened to it & was actually very happy that no one had scored, that way I wouldn’t have to be at-edge for a long time. Starting in the 8th inning, the Jays scored on a solo homer & it was 1-0 Toronto. I wasn’t to edgy after that, because I knew we could catch up. I did, however, become edgy when it was the top of the ninth & it was the last time we would have a chance to score. If we didn’t, we would lose. First, the Tribe’s Ryan Garko had an infield single & reached. Grady Sizemore tried to bunt him in, but the Jays threw the ball over the second baseman’s head trying to get Garko at second, & that advanced runner’s to 2nd & 3rd. Finally, Victor Martinez came to bat. I knew it would be perfect if he scored those runners, which would give him back his double that was stole from him in the last game, & officially bring him out of his slump ( in my mind. ) I was so happy when he actually hit a line hugging double to the left side of the outfield & scored two runners. 2-1 Cleveland. & To make it better, if he would have gotten out, that would have been the game. I was so proud that the Indians never gave up & came back. Cliff Lee came out to close the game, & he did. The final of the game was 2-1 Tribe 🙂


The defense of the Tribe was pretty good yesterday too, & did really well retiring the Jays. One of the most important was the double play turned by Asdrubal Cabrera.


I am really looking forward to today’s game also, with Carl Pavano on the mound. He has a good record & does a respectable job retiring hitters. After the game, Victor said this about his double ; “It’s always a great feeling when you do your job,” Martinez said. “It’s always great when you win a game, especially for the guy on the mound for us.” Now I know by now you all know about the trade rumors about Victor Martinez & Cliff Lee. From some articles I read, it seems as though they are taking trading Cliff Lee..”more seriously.” & I qoute. Which means if the Tribe got a good deal, they might trade him. Come on, I dont think we should! Unless it’s 2 good pitchers for the price of one or something. We shouldn’t be so desperate as to trade our best pitcher because of some bad pitching in our line-up. The fact is, he is our best pitcher right now, & it would be foolish to trade him.



  1. indianslove

    I just want everyone to know that I certainly dont want Cliff Lee or Victor Martinez to be traded. Unless it is the HUGEST deal in the world. Either way, Victor wants to stay with us- so I especially dont want him going anywhere.

    Thanks for your support, everyone.
    I’m loving it! 🙂


  2. matttan7

    Indians can make this an interesting second half of the season, they may be down but they’re not out. Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez should stay with the Tribe. Martinez drove in two runs in the last game at the Jays, let’s hope he does it again today.

    Matthew T

  3. yankslove4life

    Good luck with Carl Pavano on the mound tonight! And I wouldn’t want Cliff Lee or Victor Martinez to be traded either, even though I’m a Yankee fan.

  4. ibleedpinstripes

    Completely agree. Cliff Lee is too good to be dealt. I feel like every time I hear about him he has a complete game win. He’s an incredible pitcher. And congrats on the win!

    And as for that Kal Penn picture… I nearly spit my chocolate milk all over my keyboard. Too funny!

    – Lisa

  5. raysfanboy

    You guys looked good last night. Tonight, not as much. Ouch. A 10-6 L. Hey, we’re in that loser club too right now. It seems we can’t be consistent on anything. Fielding, hitting, pitching. It is all a toss up.

    Glad to see your guy Victor getting out of his slump. That guy is money no matter how he’s hitting because you never know when he’ll light it up.

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