A Tough Outing For Carl – & Ryan’s Hitting Streak

That is exactly what it was, a rough outing. Carl Pavano gave up 7 runs in one outing. He rarely gives up such bad outings, but it does happen. The thing is, all those 7 runs occured on home runs! First a solo after we already had the lead, so it was 1-1. Ok, I can take that. Another homer, 2-1 Jays. Another & Another?! 4-1. Oh, & just incase it wasn’t enough, another three run homer. By that time my face looked like this,


& I was burning for home-run revenge. It was late in the game by that time, & the Jays were leading 8-1 because they FINALLY actually batted in a run. We got our revenge when Luis Valbuena hammered a three run homer to left center, & it was 7-4. Not to be outdone, the Jays then hit ANOTHER three homer off our bullpen pitcher Jose Veraas.. 10-4 Jays. We leveled the playing field & scored 2 runs, but couldn’t make it any farther in the top of the ninth, so the Jays took the second game, 10-6 was the final.

The good thing of this game is that we suddenly have a reallyyy good hitter out of Ryan Garko right now. Every at bat he did something good, & never struck out. According to the radio announcers, the Tribe will be putting him in the game on a regular basis.


Last but not least..what the seagulls are doing to people now that we lost this one.

Lets Go Tribe! 


  1. crazy19canuck

    It’s my “power of bear”…LOL! My good luck charm. 🙂 I do have a bear for good luck in my room, but this one is just too cute not to use.

    I LOVE the gulls…kinda reminds me of the time when my cousin was dive bombed by them! LOL!

    The Jays haven’t hit that many homers in a single game since June 06. Sucks that it had to be against the Tribe. 😦

  2. metmainman

    That reminds me of when I saw these seagulls attack a lady and steal her ice cream. I felt bad for her. Pavano is probably going to go on the disabled list with an injury that occured in the shower, or while he was using the computer. lol It will probably help the Indians because he is a pretty bad pitcher.

  3. matttan7

    Five home runs by Carl Pavano is quite….scary. Next time he’ll do better and stay longer in the ball game. I was hoping to see the tribe clinch the AL Division. They sure have a long way to go, at least they’re doing better than the Ohio counterpart the Reds.

    Matthew T.

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