This Just In . .

The Tribe has traded pitcher Rafael Betancourt to the Rockies for RHP prospect Conor Graham. What do I think about this trade? I dont know if this is a good choice or not yet. The fact is, Rafael was a good pitcher for us for seven years. It all depends on how Connor does with us, I suppose. What does Rafael think? “All these years, to be able to pitch here, was very good,” he said. “You see a lot of relievers go around a lot. To be here seven years makes me proud.”

Also, I will be blogging about the Tribe’s recent victory tommorow, because today I just did not have enough time. I barely had time to even right this, & it’s almost about time for me to go to bed. Although, I am going to say the best part about that win right now. We are in 4th place in the AL now! It’s a lot better than last, in my opinion. Until next time..





  1. raysfanboy

    Betancourt is a solid reliever in my opinion. I think he’s really going to help out the Rockies. I didn’t realize he’d been around for 7 years, though. Wow. I think the Rockies got the better end of that deal.

    I read today–sorry–that the Rays are interested in Victor Martinez. I know we need catcher help, but I didn’t think they’d snoop on Victor. I hope for your sake that he doesn’t move, but I hope for my sake that he does. Whatever way it plays out I’ll live, though. I’d hate to take your guy. 😦

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