Moving Up In The Standings With Our Win :)

Yesterday afternoon seemed to have a great start to it. & This time I was right about it being a good start. We led 1-0, but then a homer by the Jays tied the score. Eventually, we took the lead 4-1. ANOTHER homer by the Jays made it 4-3. The Tribe packed on some insurance, & made it 5-3. Then, it became 5-4. We went to the bottom of the ninth, & the Tribe put in Kerry Wood to close it, & he did a fantastic job to get the win. Because of that win, we are now no longer in last place & are in fourth. I mean, it’s so much better than last!


Alright, I know I know. I’m excited about being fourth. My mom was teasing me & kept saying, “Were number four, Were number four!” It’s so much better than last, is all I’m saying.

More about the game, is the fact that Shin-Shoo Choo & Grady Sizemore seem to be out of their slumps, which is awesome. Some of the Tribe fans that went to Wednesdays’ game were disappointed because it was Korean Heritage Night at the Rogers Centre, & some fans came, thinking Choo was going to be there. Of course, Wedge picked that day to put Choo on a well derserved off day.
medium_Shin-Soo-Choo.jpgChoo definetely made it up to those fans yesterday during the game, when he hit a key two run triple.

Another story about this game is that Chris Gimenez made his major league debut for the Tribe as a catcher. But, the thing he was most worried about for the game was not about being a catcher,instead of an outfielder. It was that he had lost his passport to get out of Canada. The Radio interview he did was funny, because they asked him about it. “I hope to heck they found it. My whole family is heading down to Seattle.” They all laughed, even Chris. “Well we hope to see you down there..” More laughing. By that time I was laughing too πŸ™‚ “Yeah, I hope I will be able to talk to you down there in Seattle,” responded Chris. That was one of the funniest interviews I have ever heard, to be honest! πŸ™‚


I was so happy when Grady Sizemore got his first hit out of his slump. Why? Well, for one, it’s tough to see any members of my favorite team go through a slump. & Two, the reason I’m trying out for softball & center field next year is because of him. I’m even going to try to get the No. 24 if I make the team. Seems as though I’m not the only one who’s happy..


wowee 4th place.jpg


Now, this is my face after yesterday’s win..


thumbs up happy face.jpg

Until next time..




  1. indianslove

    Ted, MLBlogs rocks, doesn’t it? Your welcome, it’s no problem!
    & Trust me, I will be checking your blog out very often.


  2. ohy22xd

    I’m Korean and I’m really proud of Shin-Soo Choo. He has been doing so good! Congrats for moving up to fourth. It’s WAY better than being last. Trust me. I know that. For the Padres, well let’s just say that they are more like Triple-A club right now.

  3. azinneck

    Yay for not being in last place! Maybe the Tribe is starting to make a move haha And good job for Grady breaking out of his hitting slump — its so exciting when favorite players do well πŸ™‚
    Hope the Tribe can extend the streak this weekend!

  4. devilabrit

    I was watchin that when Grady got his hit, it is nice when they shut those hitless streaks off…. yeah they showed it last night on the Phillies MLBTV pregame they were mostly pitchers that were cheering in the Phillies locker room….some had worked with the guy I guess… so small trip from Cananda to Seatle… it always rained when ever I went to Seatle… go luck tonight.. it’s a late one for you tonight…10:10 start wow hate those west coast hours…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  5. chisoxchatter

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, you mentioned it. Do you guys get along? LOL. It’s been a good rivalry, back when the Indians had those AllStar teams and of course, 05

  6. raysfanboy

    Lots of trade rumor swirling around your guys. Uh oh.

    Nothing like 4th place. You joke about being there but back in the day the Rays were ecstatic not to finish last in the division that one year they finished 4th. So 4th can be as good as 1st with the right team. Congrats!!!

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