Tribe Crushes Mariners & Keeps Winning Streak Alive

By the fourth inning, the Tribe was already on top of the Mariners, 6-0. It was obvious what kind of game this was going to be. A great one! Jeremy Sowers pitched a gem for the Tribe, & finally got over his usual 6th inning woes. Homeruns by Chris Giminez, Ryan Garko, & Asdrubal Cabrera helped carry the Tribe to their eventual win. Boy, was it a crazy ride, though! Chris Giminez had something to prove to his teammate Travis Hafner, because the Radio announcers were telling quite a story. Chris Giminez has a shirt he wears that says, “Every Darn Day,” meaning he would be there to play every day, if needed. Travis taped over that, & jokingly made it say “Every 10 days.” Well, Chris showed today that he could be great for us, even playing every day. He hit a two run homerun, & made a homerun saving catch, robbing Seattle of a homer in the bottom of the 9th.

After Asdrubal Cabrera’s two run homerun, which made it 8-0 Tribe, the Mariner’s pitcher hit Ben Francisco with a pitch, on purpose. Bennie threw up his hands, knowing it was an intentional hit, & the benches cleared. Thankfully, nothing happened, but the pitcher was ejected.

In the bottom of the ninth, it was still 10-0, & Winston Abreu hit a Mariners batter, & got ejected along with Eric Wedge, because apparently, they ruled it like he did it on purpose. He probably may have, but that’s OK with me! He gave one for his team, & it was something the Mariner’s probably had coming to them anyways. The batter hitting was now even 😉 Soon after, Seattle ripped a double down towards left field, but a fan interfered & grabbed it. It should have just been called a double, & no one from Seattle should have scored because of that fan. Well, the ump then HANDED Seattle a run. 10-1. The ump supposedly thought Seattle would have scored anyways, if the fan hadn’t caught it. Okay then..I guess they got a run? Anyways, Seattle scored two more times in the bottom of the ninth, but we still won 10-3 in the end. In my opinion, it should have been 10-2, but I’ll take it! The Tribe has won 3 in a row, & has won two series in a row. Cliff Lee will be on the mound tommorow, & we will have a chance to sweep! Until next time..







  1. raysrenegade

    With all of the swirling winds of change hitting the Cleveland Indians roster while on a road trip.
    Going out and pounding a great game in a “hitter’s park” is just the thing to bring a team within their own skins and play like you did as kids.
    With the present future of the Indians showing a less than “playoff” ending, it is what might make the next few months fun and worth watching in Cleveland.
    Fun, baseball with emotions and the thrill of the game might be the answer to save this team from going down a dark road and make a last run at thrilling the fans and giving them some great glimpses at 2010.
    The best thing the Indians can do right now to save their own minds is to pretend their record is 0-0 and go for it!

    Rays Renegade

  2. indians

    Good all around game for the Indians, too bad its July. Ryan Garko should of had more playing time from the start, but Kelly got increased playing time and stunk. I wish Eric would of have a set lineup from the start and let the players play one position all year. All the Versatility did not help improve the team. What is your take on Management and Eric (including coaching staff)? should they be fired in the off-season.

  3. matttan7

    The Indians are on a hot streak, I hope this continues for the tribe. They sure need it. The Tribe go for the sweep tomorrow, but the Mariners might have other plans so they should keep the Tribe sharp.

    Matthew T.

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Ashley …

    First, thanks for your recent visits to my blog … I really appreciate all your comments and thoughts !!!
    The Indians are playing very well right now, with three wins in-a row !!! … I hope for the fans sake, they do not start trading all their best players away !!! … It seems the Yankees had an interest in trading for Cliff Lee; and, the Red Sox and Rays have expressed an interest in acquiring Victor Martinez … What are the latest trade rumors involving these players and any possible moves the Indians are thinking about making ???
    Take care, Ashley !!! … and, continue the excellent work on you blog !!!
    Have a nice weekend !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

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