Mixed Emotions

The Tribe had another great game last night, & never gave up. I stayed up until 1:45am to listen to it, & I stayed there despite us being down 6-4 going into the 9th. It had been a battle all game, with the Tribe jumping out 2-0 in the beginning, but the Angels making it 3-2. Then, 33, 4-3, 44, 6-4 Angels. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. It was a tug of war, until it seemed like the Angels would keep the lead. I put my hat on backwards, & hoped for a comeback. Victor Martinez hit a 3 run homer, & we took the lead 🙂 Then, on the next pitch, Jhonny Peralta hit a homerun to widen our lead to 8-6. Victor Martinez seemed to have a good feeling about the game, because he told Jhonny “Somethings going to happen.” Wow, was he ever right! We held on to complete our comeback, 8-6. It’s been 5 wins in a row for the Tribe, & I am really excited about how they are playing. It’s been great! Dont get me wrong, this was a great win & I’m very happy, but.. there is something else on my mind today.

The Tribe traded Ryan Garko. Check..1..2..3..is this thing on? You said, “They traded Ryan Garko?” There must be some mistake. Oh no, there isn’t. I found out right before the game. “Just coming out of the Indians Clubhouse..” I knew what was coming, but I never imagined they would have traded Ryan. I barely heard when they told me it was for Class A left-hander Scott Barnes, much less heard all the good stuff he is supposed to have. I was shocked. Ryan Garko was one of my favorite players, & they traded him? How could they?! They did, though. It breaks my heart, but I learned something from what Victor had to say.”Obviously we’ve lost two great teammates, two good ballplayers,” said Martinez. “It’s tough, but at the same time there’s nothing we can do about. We just have to show up and play our game every day.” Deep breaths..pheww. It will be OK. I am really going to miss Ryan, though. Hope you have a great career with the Giants, Ryan.

Last but not least, here are some more links to the highlights of last night’s game. As I said, the Tribe came back in the 9th, & won their 5th straight, a new record for the season, with the final being 8-6.


large_indians3 choo.jpg

Until next time..




  1. devilabrit

    and so the winning continues… I wouldn’t write anyone off at this point, the Phils were down 12 games 2 years ago almost the end of August and came back to win the division, just needs winning streaks as others lose… and the tribe have that going now… number 6 tonight
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. indianslove

    Jeff, I dont really know if trading Garko was right.
    He was great. He was one of my favorite players, &
    I was shocked. All I can do is hope for the best, & move
    on. I still believe in the Tribe, even when they hurt me 🙂


  3. azinneck

    Yay for the win — especially a hard fought one that extends a season-high winning streak — but I’m sorry about the trade! It’s so hard when a player you are so emotionally invested in gets traded for some guy with “potential” haha — but there’s nothing you can do (besides be bitter and upset at the team …not that i speak from experience or anything 😛 ).
    Good luck tonight looking for 6 in a row!

  4. indians

    It’s tough to tell how this deal will pan out. Garko is a good RBI man and has the potential to drive in 100 RBI, but wasn’t getting the playing time here in Cleveland. We will now give Marte a chance to prove himself at the Major League Level. Best of luck to Garko, i was a fan of him, too bad Shoppach got most of Ryan’s AB’s. I think the Giants want to lock up Ryan long term. Thanks for Commenting..

  5. mattwest

    Great blog – last night’s game, well at least the 9th, was pretty much inevitible as you guys were pounding hits out all night long. I hope you guys don’t trade Martinez or Lee as you are much better than your record indicates. WHy you guys have to come in here and beat us at our own gme? haha.. keep it up, check out my blog if you can

  6. Jane Heller

    The Indians are hot! And last night’s game would have kept me listening until the early morning hours too. Talk about a roller coaster ride. As for Garko, baseball is such a cold business sometimes. We get invested in a player and then he’s gone. But hopefully he’ll have a good career with the Giants. Try not to be sad!


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