Thanks For The Memories

That’s all I know to say to Victor..thanks for the memories, & thanks for everything. As you all probably know right now, Vic was traded to the Red Sox. I already said everything he meant to the Tribe, & it kills me inside to say “meant,” because he still means a lot. When I saw his interview, & knew he was fighting back tears & had been crying, my heart broke. Shattered. I even started crying. It sounds babyish, but fans get attached to the players, especially someone like Victor. Goodbye Victor. We love you.


goodbyee victor.jpgRemember when you completed our 10 run comeback in the 9th, & hit that single? I do. Remember when we clinched the AL Division Title in 2007, & said, “We did it. We did it!”
I do. I’ll always remember you, Victor. I hope you have a great time with the Red Sox…As you all have guessed, I am quite upset today. It’s been a tough week, & especially a tough couple days. I was hoping he would never get traded, & before the day came, I was dreading it inside, because I had a feeling this would happen. I am too shocked & upset to write much about this trade…

Uh, on the brightside, I have to talk about yesterday’s win. We went into extra innings tied at 5, & eventually won in the bottom of the 13th against the Tigers, 6-5. & On a sad, sad day, where I was basically moping the whole day, it ended on a good note. Maybe the Tribe listened to the letter. They sure did keep fighting. & The outcome was also a mob of Jamey Carroll.


There are also some highlights that I found.

 Until next time..



  1. indianslove

    Julia- Yeah, I hope you take good care of him.
    Try to win a World Series for Victor, would you?
    Haha 🙂 He’s a great guy, & he deserves it. I really
    dont think we have a chance at the WS, so maybe
    you guys can make Victor happy this year.


  2. lethor

    I honestly feel bad for Tribe fans right now. It couldn’t have been easy to watch guys like Lee and Vic get traded. I know how I’d feel if someone like Papi or Lester got traded by the Sox. But like Julia said, we’ll take good care of him. You just take care of Masterson over there as well.

  3. sizemoregirl

    I’m feeling your pain too…I kept on hearing the rumors and I kept on feeling complete dread…yesterday I kept the sports radio station off…I just could not listen…I turned it on after 4:00 and heard what I was dreading…and when I read that article on here last night I did start crying…I’m going to miss Victor like crazy!

  4. Jane Heller

    I thought of you yesterday when I heard the news about Martinez. It hasn’t been a good stretch for you, losing beloved players, so I’m especially glad the Indians rallied together and got the win. Keep your chin up!

  5. raysfanboy

    I’m sorry you guys lost Martinez. Honestly, I didn’t think he would go. AFter getting called out by fans and Cliff Lee after Lee was moved, I thought that the Indians would shy away from trading their team’s MVP. Guess not. Bummer. Hopefully the Indians will be able to put a solid team out there next year to help everybody forget about the amazing Victor.

  6. crzblue2

    Hang in there. You have a good catcher in Carlos Santana I wish we had him back!
    Sent from blackberry. My laptop is not working boo to that

  7. azinneck

    I feel so bad for Tribe fans after how the trade deadline came down. It’s tough to watch guys like Lee and Martinez, etc go…and to see it several times within a week, I can’t imagine what a fan is going through. It’s good to see the team still banding together and fighting and winning, despite all of the subtractions! I hope they continue to get the W’s, cuz that other Ohio team isn’t doing so hot 😉

  8. devilabrit

    It’s a tough time to be a Tribe fan right now, but i think the young guys you have will come out to be just as fun loving as the ones that have gone….they just need the support like the past guys have had….tough loss last night, i really thought they were going to do it again in the bottom of the 12th and pull out an extras win….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  9. ohy22xd

    I’m feeling ya, girl. I am so sorry about Victor Martinez trade. For the Padres, we traded our ace, Jake Peavy to the White Sox. It was VERY tough to hear that news but it’s buisness. I’m sure both Jake and Victor will do a great job as new members of two different teams.

  10. edyhskl

    Cheer thereup Tribe fans…Masterson is a class act on and off the field…its a good trade for both teams

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