Grady Sizemore’s Happy Birthday :)

Yesterday was Grady Sizemore’s birthday, & it was a happy one for him! He hit a two run homer, & helped us crush the Tigers 11-1. I was happy because I love when he hits homeruns, & especially on his birthday! I feel a little better about all the trades, but not really. When I think about them is when it starts really getting to me. I felt bad, because I know Grady’s birthday is on the 2nd, but I didn’t remember yesterday was his birthday ’till they said it during the game. Still, I screamed “Happy Birthday,” probably abouy five times, even though I knew he wouldn’t hear me. Glad you had a Happy Birthday, Grady!

happy birthday.jpg

When asked about a Birthday cake, Grady said this,”Cake?” he said. “Uh, no. No cake.” GASP. Grady? You dont like cake? Who doesn’t love cake? Okay, Okay. I understand how  you dont like a lot of attention to be focused on you, but I would feel bad if you didn’t get a cake. So..I will give you a sort-of cake. It’s not real, of course. It’s still my way of wishing you a Happy Birthday, though. Even though it was yesterday, I never had time to blog yesterday, so I have to do it today. Happy late-ish birthday 🙂



I found some highlights from yesterday’s game, also.

Until Next Time..



  1. Jane Heller

    Very sweet of you to give Grady a cake for his birthday. 🙂 And I bet it felt good to get a big win like that, especially after the tough week you had. Which just goes to show that the season isn’t over by a long shot.

  2. crzblue2

    Never too late to wish someone happy birthday. I am part of a group of work that go out at lunchtime to celebrate our birthdays. For one reason or another we could not go out for my birhtday so last week they named it a month anniversary birthday lunch with birhtday card and cake. It was fun. Is hard to schedule birthday lunches with a group of us taking Pilates during lunch (3x) here at work. We kept giving up food for exercise. That is not like us.

  3. azinneck

    Happy (late) birthday to Grady! And a big game to help the team win? Even better. It’s great that the Tribe is doing so well despite the “adversity” of the past week…maybe helps take a little bit of the sting off of what the fans are feeling…

  4. raysfanboy

    Might sounds weird, but I wouldn’t feel better about your trades for quite a while. They were bad. I think they’ll help you guys soon enough, but you can’t lose that many fan faves so quickly and feel good about it. It is a testament to your love of your team that you keep blogging about them! Good for you!

  5. sizemoregirl

    Happy birthday Grady! Lol…I woke up yesterday and knew it was his birthday…I guess I just have the date stuck in my brain…I think it’s cause my sister’s birthday is not long after his! I can’t believe that he said that about birthday cake-that was nice of you to give him one! LOL…who wouldn’t want a yummy b-day cake? Especially a Dairy Queen ice cream cake-that is the best! I agree with you about the trades…when I think about them is when it starts to bother me…I woke up the day after the Martinez trade and for a split-second I forgot all about it…but then the memory came back and I couldn’t believe that that had just happened!:( I was hoping it was a dream…I really miss Victor!:( But so glad Grady had a good birthday and got that homer!:)

  6. raysrenegade

    Nice to see you remember the Grady monster on his special day.
    I think he is finally feeling 115 percent healthy, because those cuts on those HRs were beautiful.
    If the pitcher really wanted to give him a birthday present to remember, he would have laced another haning curveball for a third Homer.

    Rays Renegade

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