Tribe vs Twins – Twins Win The First Game

Alright, so last night we faced the Twins. I dont understand how we really, I dont. David Huff was pitching strikes the whole time..well at first. Then, he started giving up walks &, I guess I sort of understand. Anyways, the final score was 10-1 Twins.

I was so upset about the attendance at Progressive Field. Look, Tribe fans, I know it stinks. All these trades have been hard on us. It’s been difficult. Not going to the games, though, is NOT going to solve anything. I’m one of those really loyal Indians fans, so the attendance really gets to me. Just get out there, & support your team, already!

I hope we can get our revenge tommorow & pound the Twins. Oh, one more thing. Three players we brought up because of these trades, Chris Giminez, Trevor Crowe, & Andy Marte, have done a good job for us. & Of course Justin Masterson has done a really good job, too. Wait, I forgot something. Jose Veraas has been designated for assignment, so Jess Todd, our “player to be named later,” in the Mark DeRosa trade, can be brought up. 

Until next time..



  1. juliasrants

    I think the Tribe fans will be very, very pleased with Justin Masterson. I know the plan is to turn him into a starter and I suspect that will work out great! And FYI – I have V-Mart’s back! When a Rays fan was bashing him on Twitter last night for not catching a ball in foul territory and for not being a “real” first baseman I let the guy have it! Told you RSN would look out for Victor!


  2. raysfanboy

    Is there something going on (other than the losing) that is making it tough to get to the stadium? Traffic? Construction? It might just be the fact that people are tired of the product on the field and moving their fave players to other teams. That weighs on a team’s fans big time. Glad you’re sticking it out, though. 10-1, huh? Sheesh!

  3. azinneck

    😦 Sorry about the loss — it looked real bad last night, when I was checking scores, and the Ohio teams were losing with a combined score of 13-0 (I guess that ended up being 16-4). The good news is that teams tend to bounce back after a beating like that, so hopefully they can get them tonight!

  4. crazy19canuck

    It really stinks looking at the amount of people in the crowd and think where the heck is everyone? I get like that when I see the Trop. I keep volunteering to go to St Pete and be in the crowd. Even Rogers Center has been pretty empty lately. I think some fans just jump ship as soon as they realize that the team won’t be playing past the regular season. Just wish some fans would stick with the team for the whole season.

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