Tribe Turns The Tables (:

Oh yes, that is exactly what we did. The Tribe came out with bats swinging, & Aaron Laffey came out with all his good pitching. He has pitched well against the Twins this year. Infact, before last night, he pitched a game that I went to for my Birthday, & beat the Twins, where the final was 4-2 Tribe. The Indians got their revenge, & won 8-1. Oh, & Jess Todd did quite a job closing out the game. Lookie here, here’s a picture from last night, & Asdrubal Cabrera slid in safely to third.


Now, I’m going to talk about Trevor Crowe. He had a chance with all these trades, & boy is he doing well for us. I definetely think he should be staying. He had more RBIs in last night’s game, & basically he does that every night. Plus, the 1-2 punch of him & Grady is a very good thing. Trevor is 9th to bat, then Grady leads off.”They came out Tuesday and really put it on us, then they had Francisco Liriano on the mound,” Trevor said. “I think we’re showing that, although we may be some guys down, we can still go out and compete.” He has really blue eyes! Just saying. Trevor does, that is. See?


Okay, now on to the highlights!

Until next time..



  1. azinneck

    Yay Tribe!! It’s awesome they got some payback on the Twins for Tuesday night šŸ™‚ (I see they won again today to take the series…nice!)
    And I love seeing guys that take advantage of chances like Trevor is — it’s an exciting sign for the future [he does have very blue eyes]
    PS The combined scores for last night’s Ohio-team victories was 12-1, a nice change from the previous night šŸ™‚

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