Weekend In Review & The Score Is Me: 1, & My Dad: 0.

Well, the Tribe had a weekend series against the Chicago White Sox on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. My dad is a so called “fan” of the White Sox, but it’s mostly because, 1. He likes to annoy me by cheering for them, & 2. Jim Thome is one of the Sox’s players. So, I threatened him, telling him that the Tribe was going to kick butt in the series. Well, the first game, they sure did do well. The Tribe won, alongside Kelly Shoppach’s 2 run homer, 6-2 as a final. When I told my dad that, he said, “There is no way the Indians will win the series.” The gambler in me begged to differ, & I told him we would definetely win. The second game wasn’t so good, as the Sox won over the Tribe, 8-5. The Tribe’s new starter, ( & I think new ace ) did well, but had a certain low pitch count because we are slowly going to work in to the process of a starter. The bullpen didnt do well, but the Sox pitcher continually did well for awhile, then finally gave up some runs. When he was striking out people, Jhonny Peralta was not so happy. Hey, who can blame him??


Then, it was time for the 3rd game, which would decide everything. Would I be right, or would my dad? & To make it better, it was going to be one of those that I could actually watch on TV. Classic battle, eh? So, my dad was watching it half-heartedly, which he usually never watches the games at all. I, on the other hand, was glued to the TV, & watching intently. Well, the White Sox took the early lead 3-0, & I calmly stayed there & knew we could come back if we wanted. I tried my best not to panic, & I was rewarded. In perfect timing, actually. My dad had gone to the store while the game was going on, & came back to see “his Sox” leading 3-0. Psh..bring it on. I just sat there, knowing he was feeling an inner smugness inside. Then, the Tribe got busy, loading the bases. Heh..now he looked a little different. Then, SMACK. The bats went cracking, eventually making it 3-2. In the same inning..BAM. Jamey Carroll hit a double, scoring 2 runs, & giving us the lead! I clapped my hands, & then, I saw Jamey Carroll doing the same thing on 2nd base. Jamey Carroll had quite a day.

high fivee.jpgThen, I sighed, content with what had happened, & feeling a bit of my own smugness wilting up, & at the same time that I sank into my seat, they panned the camera on the Tribe’s Andy Marte, who did the exact same thing, sighing in content, while taking a break, before the inning ended. It’s safe to say, after that, the Tribe didn’t look back. They scored, & scored, & scored. David Huff pitched, & pitched, & pitched. Boy, did he do a good job! The final was 8-4 Tribe

medium_tribe2.jpgThe Tribe also had fantastic defense, putting the White Sox errorish defense to shame. Not to say that they stink at defense or anything all the time, but this series was not the best for the White Sox’s defense. As you can see below, we did quite a good job, including that double play that we turned. 

large_tribe1.jpgIn the end, it was a great series. The Tribe won the 5 of the last 6 series they have had, & continued their winning ways. It’s probably safe to say that at 48 wins, we are going to reach 50 wins & more, way before we will get close to losing 70. 

Its safe to say this : Tribe, 2 games. White Sox, 1. Tribe wins the series, So Tribe, 1. White Sox, 0. & Me, the Tribe fan, 1. My dad, the Sox fan, 0. Of course, I got some highlights from the series, & there are quite a bit of them.


Until next time..



  1. indianslove

    Jeff – Who you calling POOR TEAMS?! Haha. I think you should be happy we beat them. Your a Cards fan, & we tugged the CWS further away from being a contending team with that series loss that they had.

    & We aren’t a poor team, in my mind. I dont think with the way they are playing now, anyone can call them a poor team.


  2. azinneck

    Haha your dad sounds like my dad (says anything that he knows will get me worked up)… and it is too bad for the Tribe that its not earlier in the season, since it took them so long to get going. But there’s still 7ish weeks to play, so anything can happen 🙂

  3. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Nice job on winning the bet! Good luck to you guys for the next few series, you are riding off a nice little hot streak vs. the White Sox so why not have faith that they’ll keep it going. Stop by and check out my blog whenever you have some time.


  4. crzblue2

    love the title! Was it your dad that instilled that love for baseball on you? Looks like you are a bigger baseball fan than he. I love your enthusiasm. My team is in a losing streak but I am sure they will snap out of it soon. ::fingers crossed::: 🙂

  5. crazy19canuck

    I have to stay far, far away from my dad right now. His team has swept the Red Sox – that should keep him going until…sometime next year. Seriously – he will bring this up EVERY chance he gets!!
    Very cool that you have the gloating rights!

  6. raysfanboy

    I remember talking trash to my dad during last year’s Rays/Cubs series. Rays swept ’em. It hurt b/c I love the Cubs, but it also felt good b/c I felt it was a move towards October. And I could talk trash to my dad some more!

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