Two Words ; Shut Out. Or Is It Shut-Out? Anyways..  (:

Okay, I have to make this entry sort of short, since I dont have a lot of time. The key to this game? Pitching, & defense. Oh, & of course a big inning. The Indians had a 5 run inning early, making it 5-0 Tribe. It stayed that way the whole night, & the Tribe shut out the Texas Rangers. Yes, the Texas Rangers. One of the best offense in MLB. I have to say I was very proud. & When Omar Vizquel came up, I was proud of the fellow Tribe fans, who gave him a standing ovation, & he waved to the crowd. Asdrubal Cabrera, our current shortstop, wears Omar Vizquel’s 13 in his honor. Awww! I find that so awesome. Asdrubal made some Omar like plays, infact, two of them in a row. Cant you tell Omar & Asdrubal get along? (:

omar and asdrubal.jpg

Oh yeah, if we win today again, it will be our 3rd win in a row, & also our 5oth win. So, we will have 50 wins, & not even 64 losses yet. I really dont think that is that bad, in my mind. On to the highlights.

Until next time..



  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Great win! THat is also a really nice story about Cabrera and Vizquel, and a nice picture of the two of them. Vizquel is a really fun guy to watch, and those two plays by Cabrera lived up to his quality!

  2. matttan7

    Two players Asdrubal Cabrera and Omar Vizquel getting along even though they are opponents. Awesome. The Indians are playing hard even though they have a losing record. That comes to show that the Indians’ are still playing like contenders and not willing to give up on the season.

    Nice entry
    Matthew Tang

  3. devilabrit

    what happened the Tribe shut them out and win 5-0 then get shut out for 0-5…. weird…it’s underway at the moment and its still close but only in the 3rd long way to go, hope they get the win today..
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. azinneck

    Shut outs are good — but I’m sorry you all ended up losing the series. I think it’s because the Rangers offense can’t be kept quiet for too long. I hope the Tribe can get back to winning this weekend against Minnesota 🙂

  5. crzblue2

    Thanks for the update on Santana that you gave Ted. I did not like losing him last year :-(. i thought that was a steep price to pay for getting Casey Blake.
    You know I always liked Omar Vizquel EVEN though he was Giant. That is such a cute picture with Astrubal!

  6. juliasrants

    Have I mentioned how much we Red Sox fans LOVE Victor Martinez??? I know you miss him, BUT rest assured, he was already won over the hearts of RSN!! He was amazing last night!!! Have no worries – we will take very good care of him!!!


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