It’s Not Just Tribe Fans Who Are Screaming CHOOOOO!

Well, the Tribe lost yesterday in a thrilling battle, 5-4. That’s not what I’m going to talk about in this entry, I’m mostly going to talk about Shin-Shoo-Choo. He has had a film crew filming a documentary about him, & they should be filming him all this week ; I believe. Well, within this filming we learned about Choo’s newfound idol, Y.E. Yang. (: He was very happy about him beating Tiger Woods in golf, as I found this on ; “I don’t play golf, and I’m not a golf fan,” Choo said. “But I wanted him to beat Tiger. When he did, I was jumping around the clubhouse like, ‘Oh yeah!'” But Choo’s Indians teammates, who continue their three-game set against the Angels on Wednesday night at Progressive Field, didn’t wait long to turn this into an opportunity to razz their buddy Choo. “They said [Yang] is the most famous Korean athlete now,” Choo said with a smile. “They said I’m No. 2 now.” Hey, there’s no shame in that standing, as Choo is still pretty popular. Evidence of that fact was on display Tuesday, when a South Korean television crew followed Choo’s every move around the ballpark.” Yeah, dont worry Choo! Your still popular as always, especially with Tribe fans!


Until next time…



  1. crzblue2

    sorry about the loss last night. I was thinking of you and Ted. You know at Dodger Stadium we had Koreatown night. We have a section that on an assigned game it becomes different things like Koreatown, Japantown, etc. Militarytownis coming and some other ones. You get a t-shirt specifying whatever town they are celebrating and food from that region.

  2. azinneck

    Sorry about the loss…but that’s got to be exciting for Choo as he rises in popularity with Tribe fans and his name gets better and better known 🙂 (Grady better watch out because it sounds like he’s got some competition 😛 )

  3. raysfanboy

    So does this mean he doesn’t have to leave for military service back home? I remember you said that was a concern. I wonder if that doc will be released in the US. Choo is something. I love to see him on Sportscenter. He’s going to keep getting better and better!

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