About indianslove

My name is Ashley. I have blonde hair and
blue eyes, and I love the Indians. I love cheering, softball,
and lots of sports. But, mostly I love the Indians! My
favorite player is Grady Sizemore. I have been playing
softball for awhile now, & I practice as much as
possible. I’m 15, & I enjoy blogging here a lot. I find
it fun, & it gives you different perspectives that you
dont get everywhere. I have a puppy named Skittles, I love
him a lot. He is the size of a chihuahua,and is mixed with
chihuahua and yorkie. I live in Ohio, & have all my life.
I LOVE it here. My dream is that the Tribe will win a World
Series. But, isn’t that every fan’s dream? 🙂 I’m a
girly-girl, but at the same time I know as much about the
Tribe as anyone, & also am really good at softball, &
can really hit pretty well, so watch out if you ever play in
a softball game against me!


Being a huge fan of the indians, duhh.(: We
definetely LOVE our Indians. I really like music, especially
Paramore. I also like some rock songs, not a lot of them but
some because of their beat. I also like Livin on a Prayer
& stuff like that. When I am not listening to a Tribe
game, ( or watching one ) I’m outside practicing fielding
& hitting for softball. I plan on playing CF next year if
I make the team 🙂 Oh, & of course, like any teen, I love
to text, & hang out with friends.