Tribe vs Twins – Twins Win The First Game

Alright, so last night we faced the Twins. I dont understand how we really, I dont. David Huff was pitching strikes the whole time..well at first. Then, he started giving up walks &, I guess I sort of understand. Anyways, the final score was 10-1 Twins.

I was so upset about the attendance at Progressive Field. Look, Tribe fans, I know it stinks. All these trades have been hard on us. It’s been difficult. Not going to the games, though, is NOT going to solve anything. I’m one of those really loyal Indians fans, so the attendance really gets to me. Just get out there, & support your team, already!

I hope we can get our revenge tommorow & pound the Twins. Oh, one more thing. Three players we brought up because of these trades, Chris Giminez, Trevor Crowe, & Andy Marte, have done a good job for us. & Of course Justin Masterson has done a really good job, too. Wait, I forgot something. Jose Veraas has been designated for assignment, so Jess Todd, our “player to be named later,” in the Mark DeRosa trade, can be brought up. 

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Grady Sizemore’s Happy Birthday :)

Yesterday was Grady Sizemore’s birthday, & it was a happy one for him! He hit a two run homer, & helped us crush the Tigers 11-1. I was happy because I love when he hits homeruns, & especially on his birthday! I feel a little better about all the trades, but not really. When I think about them is when it starts really getting to me. I felt bad, because I know Grady’s birthday is on the 2nd, but I didn’t remember yesterday was his birthday ’till they said it during the game. Still, I screamed “Happy Birthday,” probably abouy five times, even though I knew he wouldn’t hear me. Glad you had a Happy Birthday, Grady!

happy birthday.jpg

When asked about a Birthday cake, Grady said this,”Cake?” he said. “Uh, no. No cake.” GASP. Grady? You dont like cake? Who doesn’t love cake? Okay, Okay. I understand how  you dont like a lot of attention to be focused on you, but I would feel bad if you didn’t get a cake. So..I will give you a sort-of cake. It’s not real, of course. It’s still my way of wishing you a Happy Birthday, though. Even though it was yesterday, I never had time to blog yesterday, so I have to do it today. Happy late-ish birthday šŸ™‚



I found some highlights from yesterday’s game, also.

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Thanks For The Memories

That’s all I know to say to Victor..thanks for the memories, & thanks for everything. As you all probably know right now, Vic was traded to the Red Sox. I already said everything he meant to the Tribe, & it kills me inside to say “meant,” because he still means a lot. When I saw his interview, & knew he was fighting back tears & had been crying, my heart broke. Shattered. I even started crying. It sounds babyish, but fans get attached to the players, especially someone like Victor. Goodbye Victor. We love you.


goodbyee victor.jpgRemember when you completed our 10 run comeback in the 9th, & hit that single? I do. Remember when we clinched the AL Division Title in 2007, & said, “We did it. We did it!”
I do. I’ll always remember you, Victor. I hope you have a great time with the Red Sox…As you all have guessed, I am quite upset today. It’s been a tough week, & especially a tough couple days. I was hoping he would never get traded, & before the day came, I was dreading it inside, because I had a feeling this would happen. I am too shocked & upset to write much about this trade…

Uh, on the brightside, I have to talk about yesterday’s win. We went into extra innings tied at 5, & eventually won in the bottom of the 13th against the Tigers, 6-5. & On a sad, sad day, where I was basically moping the whole day, it ended on a good note. Maybe the Tribe listened to the letter. They sure did keep fighting. & The outcome was also a mob of Jamey Carroll.


There are also some highlights that I found.

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My Letter To The Cleveland Indians

Dear Cleveland Indians,

I know you lost yesterday, & the day before. It doesn’t matter to me as much as what has been going on. Was it possibly because you had other things on your mind? I sure did. I’m sure you were quite a bit distracted the last two days with the trades of Ryan, Cliff Lee, Bennie, & even Raffy. Ryan was a shock, but I could almost understand that. So was Raffy, but same story there. Cliff Lee & Bennie?! That was totally a huge shock. Personally? I think Mark Shapiro is crazy. Even Cliff Lee seems to agree, “As a fan, it’s hard to feel good about that,” Lee said. “Losing one Cy Young winner one year and another one the very next year is probably hard for a fan to swallow. It’s the nature of the game. It’s something you should really talk to [GM Mark] Shapiro about. What his outlook was, what his intent was. Obviously, he felt he was making the team better with this move. I’m not going to grade it, approve or disapprove. It’s my job to pitch. I just got traded and I’ve got to pitch for a new team.” Yeah, it is hard. It’s been hard ever since that stupid trading deadline stuff started. I’ve heard other Tribe fans talking about it, & they are quite upset. It’s like Mark is saying, “Hey! I’m so excited! I traded Cliff Lee & Bennie for some ice cream!!” ..That’s not cool. It’s also like the team is completely giving up. Yes, the rebuilding period has started. Wonderful. Saying “rebuilding” is supposed to make it feel easier? Happier? It doesn’t make it sound like a wonderful walk in the park. Just saying.. if it were up to me, I would fire Mark & Eric by at least the end of the season. Unfortunately, it’s not my decision, as I am just a 15 year old girl. Now that Cliff & Ben are gone, who is next? “It’s turned into an ax house around here,” said rookie outfielder Chris Gimenez. “We had Gark, Raffie Betancourt and Benny and Cliff. It’s tough. You get to know all these guys. You wish them the best, but it’s tough to see them go. In a sense, it’s a new beginning. We’re getting some young guys in here who can step it up and see what we have for a future.” Axe house is right. I got to hand it to you, Chris, that’s a good description.

Could Victor be the next to go? I swear, if he is..I will lose it. Victor Martinez is everything to our team. He’s basically our remaining All-Star, he’s a leader, he’s a good player, he’s a nice guy. I have heard so many trade rumors about it, about him leaving. Just to make it VERY clear. He shouldn’t be going anywhere. I have asked myself, “Why does it seem like we are giving up on next season before it starts?” Now I am telling you, Cleveland Indians, dont give up. ( Mark Shapiro, be a little smarter, would you?! ) All you players, get out there & be strong. Fight every day, & try your best no matter what’s happening. Be agressive, be proud to be where you are in life. Meanwhile, I will try to do the same. I will try to look on the positive side, & never give up on you. As a matter of fact, I would never give up on you. I dont care who does, I wont. I dont care if some Yankees fan wearing a Yankees jersey stares me down because I’m wearing a Tribe shirt. (It’s happened, it was sort of creepy ) I dont care if a Phillies fan torments me, saying that Cliff Lee is definetely going to Philly, even before the trade took place. I really, DO NOT CARE if a Red Sox fan calls this team a joke. You know why? Cause you are not. Keep fighting, believe in yourself, & show the world what you can do. What you can be. Grady, even if you end up leaving within the years to come, you will still be my hero. No matter where you go, it will always be the same. To all the players, I listen/watch you every day, unless it’s an off-day. Or, of course, off season. I feel hurt when players get traded, just like you do. I am there when you win, & I feel the joy of it along with all of you. I’m there when you have a bad game, & I swallow my pride & look forward to the next game, hoping to feel that familiar satisfied feeling of a solid win. I’m there when fans of other teams chime in & say what they think, which sometimes isn’t such a good thing to say. I’m always there, & always will be. No matter what, I will always be a fan of the Cleveland Indians. Good luck, & keep fighting. I believe in every single one of you.

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Lee Traded, & Bennie Too. Really? This Stinks.

I cant believe this. Cliff Lee & Ben Francisco were traded to the Phillies. Lee is expected to make his next start Friday, for Philadelphia. The Tribe will receive pitchers Carlos Carrasco, Jason Knapp, catcher Lou Marson and infielder Jason Donald. Knapp, who is the key to all this, is still on the DL. That’s right, the DL. Wow. Cliff Lee was a star, & we went & traded him. Bennie was a great hitter, & was really heating up. & We traded him? This is insanity, in my opinion. I can only hope that all these prospects come to us soon, & at least two of them make a good impact on the Tribe. I love the Tribe..but I just am not sure what to think about this. I honestly expected Cliff to be traded. I didn’t, however, expect Bennie to be traded also. It’s just been tough recently, & these trades hurt. Who knows, maybe all the players involved in this deal will greatly help the Tribe. It was good having Bennie & Lee with the Tribe. I will miss them, just like I miss Garko. I guess it’s baseball, though. Good luck to Lee & Bennie.This isn’t official yet, but if all player’s pass their physical, it will be official within the next 10-24 hours. The link below is where I found the news. I voted in the poll question, & the majority agree with what I voted, that I do not like this deal. & Obviously, the writer of this article was just too shocked to even spell “prospects” right, because it says “porspects,” in the title. Well, it did say that. They changed it, though.

Hopefully they dont do anything else that’s stupid..It doesn’t matter though.

No matter what, I’m rooting for the Indians. But boy, do I need an Advil.



Tribe’s Streak Ends – & They Have A Chance To Win The Series Today

It was another tug-of-war game last night. It was a fight to the finish, between us being really good right now, & the Angels having been all year. Eventually, the Angels won, this time. We started with a lead of 2-0, but the Angels fought back all night. The Tribe still had a 4-3 lead going into the bottom of the 8th, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. The Angels tacked on 3 runs, & led 7-3 going into the top of the 9th. Well, the Tribe battled, & scored 3 runs, but couldn’t get anymore before the 3 outs. The final was 7-6. The 5 game winning streak was ended. The time was still early morning hours. That’s OK though. Maybe we can win the series today, as either team could win the series with a win today.

There are some more things to talk about,though. First, the Cliff Lee trade rumors. I got this qoute from Cliff Lee, which I found on the Tribe site, “If everything written was true,” Lee said on Tuesday, “I would have been traded about 12 times by now.” Wow, is that ever true! I’m not sure if all these trade rumors are true..but what do I think? I dont think they should be true, even if they are. Unless we get another surefire ace & a prospect for Cliff Lee, then the Indians would be insane to trade him. That’s just my opinion.

Another sad thing I decided to share, was about Ryan Garko. I read about his reaction to being traded at, with Bennie being Ryan’s former teammate, Ben Francisco. I call him Bennie, though šŸ™‚  Garko let Bennie film him putting his bags in the car. “I wanted to get him driving away,” said Bennie, “but his mom asked me not to. She said the car needed to be washed.”  Bennie said Garko was sort of dazed.”He kept talking about his apartment in Cleveland and what he was going to do with it.” Awww…I’m going to miss Ryan. I hope he has a great time with the Giants. Hopefully he will contend this year šŸ™‚

One more thing, the reason why Grady Sizemore has been missing games for a few days is because he is or was sick. I’m not sure if he still has the flu, but he had it & still feels weak. He has lost 7 pounds because of it..I’m worried about him. I hope he feels better soon!

There are a couple higlights from yesterday’s game. They are a few Tribe homeruns.

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Mixed Emotions

The Tribe had another great game last night, & never gave up. I stayed up until 1:45am to listen to it, & I stayed there despite us being down 6-4 going into the 9th. It had been a battle all game, with the Tribe jumping out 2-0 in the beginning, but the Angels making it 3-2. Then, 33, 4-3, 44, 6-4 Angels. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. It was a tug of war, until it seemed like the Angels would keep the lead. I put my hat on backwards, & hoped for a comeback. Victor Martinez hit a 3 run homer, & we took the lead šŸ™‚ Then, on the next pitch, Jhonny Peralta hit a homerun to widen our lead to 8-6. Victor Martinez seemed to have a good feeling about the game, because he told Jhonny “Somethings going to happen.” Wow, was he ever right! We held on to complete our comeback, 8-6. It’s been 5 wins in a row for the Tribe, & I am really excited about how they are playing. It’s been great! Dont get me wrong, this was a great win & I’m very happy, but.. there is something else on my mind today.

The Tribe traded Ryan Garko. this thing on? You said, “They traded Ryan Garko?” There must be some mistake. Oh no, there isn’t. I found out right before the game. “Just coming out of the Indians Clubhouse..” I knew what was coming, but I never imagined they would have traded Ryan. I barely heard when they told me it was for Class A left-hander Scott Barnes, much less heard all the good stuff he is supposed to have. I was shocked. Ryan Garko was one of my favorite players, & they traded him? How could they?! They did, though. It breaks my heart, but I learned something from what Victor had to say.”Obviously we’ve lost two great teammates, two good ballplayers,” said Martinez. “It’s tough, but at the same time there’s nothing we can do about. We just have to show up and play our game every day.” Deep breaths..pheww. It will be OK. I am really going to miss Ryan, though. Hope you have a great career with the Giants, Ryan.

Last but not least, here are some more links to the highlights of last night’s game. As I said, the Tribe came back in the 9th, & won their 5th straight, a new record for the season, with the final being 8-6.  

large_indians3 choo.jpg

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