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Grady Sizemore’s Happy Birthday :)

Yesterday was Grady Sizemore’s birthday, & it was a happy one for him! He hit a two run homer, & helped us crush the Tigers 11-1. I was happy because I love when he hits homeruns, & especially on his birthday! I feel a little better about all the trades, but not really. When I think about them is when it starts really getting to me. I felt bad, because I know Grady’s birthday is on the 2nd, but I didn’t remember yesterday was his birthday ’till they said it during the game. Still, I screamed “Happy Birthday,” probably abouy five times, even though I knew he wouldn’t hear me. Glad you had a Happy Birthday, Grady!

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When asked about a Birthday cake, Grady said this,”Cake?” he said. “Uh, no. No cake.” GASP. Grady? You dont like cake? Who doesn’t love cake? Okay, Okay. I understand how  you dont like a lot of attention to be focused on you, but I would feel bad if you didn’t get a cake. So..I will give you a sort-of cake. It’s not real, of course. It’s still my way of wishing you a Happy Birthday, though. Even though it was yesterday, I never had time to blog yesterday, so I have to do it today. Happy late-ish birthday 🙂



I found some highlights from yesterday’s game, also.


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Mixed Emotions

The Tribe had another great game last night, & never gave up. I stayed up until 1:45am to listen to it, & I stayed there despite us being down 6-4 going into the 9th. It had been a battle all game, with the Tribe jumping out 2-0 in the beginning, but the Angels making it 3-2. Then, 33, 4-3, 44, 6-4 Angels. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. It was a tug of war, until it seemed like the Angels would keep the lead. I put my hat on backwards, & hoped for a comeback. Victor Martinez hit a 3 run homer, & we took the lead 🙂 Then, on the next pitch, Jhonny Peralta hit a homerun to widen our lead to 8-6. Victor Martinez seemed to have a good feeling about the game, because he told Jhonny “Somethings going to happen.” Wow, was he ever right! We held on to complete our comeback, 8-6. It’s been 5 wins in a row for the Tribe, & I am really excited about how they are playing. It’s been great! Dont get me wrong, this was a great win & I’m very happy, but.. there is something else on my mind today.

The Tribe traded Ryan Garko. Check..1..2..3..is this thing on? You said, “They traded Ryan Garko?” There must be some mistake. Oh no, there isn’t. I found out right before the game. “Just coming out of the Indians Clubhouse..” I knew what was coming, but I never imagined they would have traded Ryan. I barely heard when they told me it was for Class A left-hander Scott Barnes, much less heard all the good stuff he is supposed to have. I was shocked. Ryan Garko was one of my favorite players, & they traded him? How could they?! They did, though. It breaks my heart, but I learned something from what Victor had to say.”Obviously we’ve lost two great teammates, two good ballplayers,” said Martinez. “It’s tough, but at the same time there’s nothing we can do about. We just have to show up and play our game every day.” Deep breaths..pheww. It will be OK. I am really going to miss Ryan, though. Hope you have a great career with the Giants, Ryan.

Last but not least, here are some more links to the highlights of last night’s game. As I said, the Tribe came back in the 9th, & won their 5th straight, a new record for the season, with the final being 8-6.


large_indians3 choo.jpg

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A Tough Outing For Carl – & Ryan’s Hitting Streak

That is exactly what it was, a rough outing. Carl Pavano gave up 7 runs in one outing. He rarely gives up such bad outings, but it does happen. The thing is, all those 7 runs occured on home runs! First a solo after we already had the lead, so it was 1-1. Ok, I can take that. Another homer, 2-1 Jays. Another & Another?! 4-1. Oh, & just incase it wasn’t enough, another three run homer. By that time my face looked like this,


& I was burning for home-run revenge. It was late in the game by that time, & the Jays were leading 8-1 because they FINALLY actually batted in a run. We got our revenge when Luis Valbuena hammered a three run homer to left center, & it was 7-4. Not to be outdone, the Jays then hit ANOTHER three homer off our bullpen pitcher Jose Veraas.. 10-4 Jays. We leveled the playing field & scored 2 runs, but couldn’t make it any farther in the top of the ninth, so the Jays took the second game, 10-6 was the final.

The good thing of this game is that we suddenly have a reallyyy good hitter out of Ryan Garko right now. Every at bat he did something good, & never struck out. According to the radio announcers, the Tribe will be putting him in the game on a regular basis.


Last but not least..what the seagulls are doing to people now that we lost this one.

Lets Go Tribe! 

The Comeback Kids :)

This game could only have been called a pitcher’s duel through 7 innings. I listened to it & was actually very happy that no one had scored, that way I wouldn’t have to be at-edge for a long time. Starting in the 8th inning, the Jays scored on a solo homer & it was 1-0 Toronto. I wasn’t to edgy after that, because I knew we could catch up. I did, however, become edgy when it was the top of the ninth & it was the last time we would have a chance to score. If we didn’t, we would lose. First, the Tribe’s Ryan Garko had an infield single & reached. Grady Sizemore tried to bunt him in, but the Jays threw the ball over the second baseman’s head trying to get Garko at second, & that advanced runner’s to 2nd & 3rd. Finally, Victor Martinez came to bat. I knew it would be perfect if he scored those runners, which would give him back his double that was stole from him in the last game, & officially bring him out of his slump ( in my mind. ) I was so happy when he actually hit a line hugging double to the left side of the outfield & scored two runners. 2-1 Cleveland. & To make it better, if he would have gotten out, that would have been the game. I was so proud that the Indians never gave up & came back. Cliff Lee came out to close the game, & he did. The final of the game was 2-1 Tribe 🙂


The defense of the Tribe was pretty good yesterday too, & did really well retiring the Jays. One of the most important was the double play turned by Asdrubal Cabrera.


I am really looking forward to today’s game also, with Carl Pavano on the mound. He has a good record & does a respectable job retiring hitters. After the game, Victor said this about his double ; “It’s always a great feeling when you do your job,” Martinez said. “It’s always great when you win a game, especially for the guy on the mound for us.” Now I know by now you all know about the trade rumors about Victor Martinez & Cliff Lee. From some articles I read, it seems as though they are taking trading Cliff Lee..”more seriously.” & I qoute. Which means if the Tribe got a good deal, they might trade him. Come on, I dont think we should! Unless it’s 2 good pitchers for the price of one or something. We shouldn’t be so desperate as to trade our best pitcher because of some bad pitching in our line-up. The fact is, he is our best pitcher right now, & it would be foolish to trade him.


Just When I Thought We Were Out Of The Cellar. . .

It was just one of those nights. One of those days. One of those GAMES. The kind of games that can carry over even into your next day and leave you hanging your head, and leaving you in an all around bad mood. I was expecting us to win. Carl Pavano was pitching, for goodness sakes. NO, that was to much to ask for, for him to pitch good as he usually does. Plus, to make it worse, the Royals had one of their best pitchers on the mound. It was one of those games..where nothing comes good out of it. Alright, so here is the story from my point of view. I was just done practicing for softball with my dad, so I came in to listen a little late. Well, it didnt matter, because as soon as I turned it on the Royals jumped straight up 1-0. I sighed but stayed there, because I knew that wasnt a huge lead or a big deal by any stretch. Then, a little later when nothing was happening, and when I thought I wasn’t going to get any action for awhile anyways, I went down to take a quick shower, then ran right back upstairs in my PJs. The broadcasters came right back on, and proceeded to tell me it was 5-0 Royals. I literally screamed “WHAT?! 5-0?!” and just sat there with my mouth open. Oh, it would get worse. MUCH WORSE.
To top it all off, my new comfy Indians pillow that I had got that day, (Which I really do love) had the seam on one part of it coming off, it was made of some sort of plastic material. So, my lazy butt didn’t feel like getting scissors, so I moped and just tore it off. A second later, I knew something was wrong, and I looked down at my finger. I basically got a monster of a plastic version of a paper cut, and I had to go downstairs ANYWAYS to get a band-aid. Guess what?! There wasn’t any. So I had to use masking tape. Yes, masking tape. So, I put together my make-shift band-aid, and in the midst of putting my band-aid on, I could hear the radio and that the bases were loaded. Then, who would have guessed? “Its going back to right..it’s gone.” I couldn’t help it. I had been holding in all my frustration, and my 15 year old feelings and brain just couldn’t hold it all in. I started crying. I just let go of all my frustration, and I felt like a big baby in the process. Things happen, I guess. It was 9-0, and it would stay that way for the final score. I felt like if I were at the game, I would have done what slider did in this video,


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Carl had a horrible game, to say the least. I understand these things happen, there are bad days. Thanks to his pitching and our lack of offensive runs because of the good pitching of the Royals..what’s his face..( Dont know his name and dont really care )were back in last place. Fantastic. He should look forlorn like in this photo, that was probably my face for most of the game :


The only time I smiled through the whole game was when the broadcasters were talking about all the seagulls in Pro Field, and how they supposedly come there because they mate a lot and there hungry, and the one guy goes ; “Well if they mate a lot why are they hungry?!” and then they started cracking up, which I found sorta amusing. Then the other goes, “LOOK! There’s one and he is smoking a cigarrette!” Wow, that made them laugh for fifteen minutes straight, laughing so hard they were choking, and they could barely even call the game. The funny thing is, they were serious! There really was a seagull smoking! This isn’t the video, I couldn’t find it. But this does show all the seagulls at Pro Field.

And last but not least.. we may be out of first, but we still have the Indians fans style.
Never give up, it’s a lesson we all need to learn, and the lesson Indians fans live on.
GO TRIBE. This last vid sort of made me laugh.. I really dont mind Pavano at all, I really like him and I think he could be good for our team. Right now, I am sort of just wanting to say something, even though I dont exactly mean it. It’s just my way ( OTHER WAY) of getting my frustration out. So here, this is the video I found that I got a chuckle out of.
( Dont take if personally Carl, we still love you! )