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Mixed Emotions

The Tribe had another great game last night, & never gave up. I stayed up until 1:45am to listen to it, & I stayed there despite us being down 6-4 going into the 9th. It had been a battle all game, with the Tribe jumping out 2-0 in the beginning, but the Angels making it 3-2. Then, 33, 4-3, 44, 6-4 Angels. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. It was a tug of war, until it seemed like the Angels would keep the lead. I put my hat on backwards, & hoped for a comeback. Victor Martinez hit a 3 run homer, & we took the lead 🙂 Then, on the next pitch, Jhonny Peralta hit a homerun to widen our lead to 8-6. Victor Martinez seemed to have a good feeling about the game, because he told Jhonny “Somethings going to happen.” Wow, was he ever right! We held on to complete our comeback, 8-6. It’s been 5 wins in a row for the Tribe, & I am really excited about how they are playing. It’s been great! Dont get me wrong, this was a great win & I’m very happy, but.. there is something else on my mind today.

The Tribe traded Ryan Garko. Check..1..2..3..is this thing on? You said, “They traded Ryan Garko?” There must be some mistake. Oh no, there isn’t. I found out right before the game. “Just coming out of the Indians Clubhouse..” I knew what was coming, but I never imagined they would have traded Ryan. I barely heard when they told me it was for Class A left-hander Scott Barnes, much less heard all the good stuff he is supposed to have. I was shocked. Ryan Garko was one of my favorite players, & they traded him? How could they?! They did, though. It breaks my heart, but I learned something from what Victor had to say.”Obviously we’ve lost two great teammates, two good ballplayers,” said Martinez. “It’s tough, but at the same time there’s nothing we can do about. We just have to show up and play our game every day.” Deep breaths..pheww. It will be OK. I am really going to miss Ryan, though. Hope you have a great career with the Giants, Ryan.

Last but not least, here are some more links to the highlights of last night’s game. As I said, the Tribe came back in the 9th, & won their 5th straight, a new record for the season, with the final being 8-6.


large_indians3 choo.jpg

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The Comeback Kids :)

This game could only have been called a pitcher’s duel through 7 innings. I listened to it & was actually very happy that no one had scored, that way I wouldn’t have to be at-edge for a long time. Starting in the 8th inning, the Jays scored on a solo homer & it was 1-0 Toronto. I wasn’t to edgy after that, because I knew we could catch up. I did, however, become edgy when it was the top of the ninth & it was the last time we would have a chance to score. If we didn’t, we would lose. First, the Tribe’s Ryan Garko had an infield single & reached. Grady Sizemore tried to bunt him in, but the Jays threw the ball over the second baseman’s head trying to get Garko at second, & that advanced runner’s to 2nd & 3rd. Finally, Victor Martinez came to bat. I knew it would be perfect if he scored those runners, which would give him back his double that was stole from him in the last game, & officially bring him out of his slump ( in my mind. ) I was so happy when he actually hit a line hugging double to the left side of the outfield & scored two runners. 2-1 Cleveland. & To make it better, if he would have gotten out, that would have been the game. I was so proud that the Indians never gave up & came back. Cliff Lee came out to close the game, & he did. The final of the game was 2-1 Tribe 🙂


The defense of the Tribe was pretty good yesterday too, & did really well retiring the Jays. One of the most important was the double play turned by Asdrubal Cabrera.


I am really looking forward to today’s game also, with Carl Pavano on the mound. He has a good record & does a respectable job retiring hitters. After the game, Victor said this about his double ; “It’s always a great feeling when you do your job,” Martinez said. “It’s always great when you win a game, especially for the guy on the mound for us.” Now I know by now you all know about the trade rumors about Victor Martinez & Cliff Lee. From some articles I read, it seems as though they are taking trading Cliff Lee..”more seriously.” & I qoute. Which means if the Tribe got a good deal, they might trade him. Come on, I dont think we should! Unless it’s 2 good pitchers for the price of one or something. We shouldn’t be so desperate as to trade our best pitcher because of some bad pitching in our line-up. The fact is, he is our best pitcher right now, & it would be foolish to trade him.


Markie Caps Off Win For The Tribe, and Also, Not Being In Last Place! (GO TRIBE)

Last night’s game was sort of strange, and unpredictable, to say the least. I had to listen to it on the radio, like most games, except for the few that are on channel 3, 8, or ESPN. I was getting very frustrated and upset. I had seen this before. The Indians come into a game having a good chance to win, and an important game, but they instead get trampled over. No. Not this game. After 5 innings were over, I was beginning to get restless. I sat there eating my Ramen noodle soup, as a way to comfort and prepare myself for a beating. But after the batter was walked and the first man was on in the sixth, I could sense a rally, as most baseball fans can sense those well. I sat forward on my bed, and listened in amazement as MY TRIBE, the INDIANS, came back and tied it. It may have been partly because of Royal’s errors, but I was still more proud of my team than a mother would be for her kid that just graduated HS. It was an indescribable feeling. Then, one of my new favorites, Mark DeRosa, (Markie as I call him) was up. The bases were (get this! 😀 ) loaded. and I sorta maybe yelped “MARKIE!” out loud at my radio..yep, that’s how excited I was that he was up to bat..and I instantly knew what I wanted him to do so so bad. See, the Indians, till that at bat, had not had a Grand Slam in Pro Field yet. So, after the broadcaster’s described his first swinging strike as “swinging so hard he almost fell over,” I knew what Mark was trying to do. I was only suprised at what happened next because, well, were not always the most luck-filled team as to recieve a Grand Slam when we most needed it. I heard the bat crack, and I heard, “LONG DRIVE, DEEP RIGHT FiELD, THiS HAS A CHANCE, HE’S LOOKiNG UP…GONNNNNNEEEEEE! GRAND SLAM!” It was 8-4! I basically ran around my room, I was so happy. At the end, that was the most important part of the whole game, because we won it 8-4 that night. Plus, we climbed out of last in our division. I feel like a million bucks, since were not in last place. It sounds stupid, but I really do.

victor and mark celebrate!

More things I might add, the Indians now have Joe Smith back in our bullpen, which will give us quite a boost. Jake Westbrooke, one of our best leaders for this team we have ever had, will be hopefully pitching with us again, after being out for a year, by the end of this month. and Jhonny Peralta, who many people have doubted, is starting to get really hot at the plate! And I always honestly knew he would, he is an amazing player and will always give you an RBI when you need one the most. Dont look now. Markie, who many people ALSO doubted would do anything for our Tribe, has the most RBIs of our team, and is HOT HOT HOT with a bat in his hand, and even in his defensive skills.
I dont know about other Tribe fans, but I would say that if we keep this up, were in the running for a division title. Watch out Central, here we come/climb! 😉

jhonny peralta

RALLIES AND RALLY PIES! Bring on the rally pies. 🙂 It’s definetely rally pie season,
and rally season. So, I found some awesome videos, to get us ready! LETS GO TRIBE.

And yes, I do respect the Yankees, but this WAS an amazing beating on them. And the weird story behind that was that, I actually got to watch this one on T.V, and before the game I told my mom that I hoped they would score some runs, because I said qoute ; “It feels like every time I actually get to watch the game, they dont score any runs.” WOW DID THEY SCORE RUNS! 🙂 I found it very ironic, but I was so glad we won. And by that amount, too!