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My Letter To The Cleveland Indians

Dear Cleveland Indians,

I know you lost yesterday, & the day before. It doesn’t matter to me as much as what has been going on. Was it possibly because you had other things on your mind? I sure did. I’m sure you were quite a bit distracted the last two days with the trades of Ryan, Cliff Lee, Bennie, & even Raffy. Ryan was a shock, but I could almost understand that. So was Raffy, but same story there. Cliff Lee & Bennie?! That was totally a huge shock. Personally? I think Mark Shapiro is crazy. Even Cliff Lee seems to agree, “As a fan, it’s hard to feel good about that,” Lee said. “Losing one Cy Young winner one year and another one the very next year is probably hard for a fan to swallow. It’s the nature of the game. It’s something you should really talk to [GM Mark] Shapiro about. What his outlook was, what his intent was. Obviously, he felt he was making the team better with this move. I’m not going to grade it, approve or disapprove. It’s my job to pitch. I just got traded and I’ve got to pitch for a new team.” Yeah, it is hard. It’s been hard ever since that stupid trading deadline stuff started. I’ve heard other Tribe fans talking about it, & they are quite upset. It’s like Mark is saying, “Hey! I’m so excited! I traded Cliff Lee & Bennie for some ice cream!!” ..That’s not cool. It’s also like the team is completely giving up. Yes, the rebuilding period has started. Wonderful. Saying “rebuilding” is supposed to make it feel easier? Happier? It doesn’t make it sound like a wonderful walk in the park. Just saying.. if it were up to me, I would fire Mark & Eric by at least the end of the season. Unfortunately, it’s not my decision, as I am just a 15 year old girl. Now that Cliff & Ben are gone, who is next? “It’s turned into an ax house around here,” said rookie outfielder Chris Gimenez. “We had Gark, Raffie Betancourt and Benny and Cliff. It’s tough. You get to know all these guys. You wish them the best, but it’s tough to see them go. In a sense, it’s a new beginning. We’re getting some young guys in here who can step it up and see what we have for a future.” Axe house is right. I got to hand it to you, Chris, that’s a good description.

Could Victor be the next to go? I swear, if he is..I will lose it. Victor Martinez is everything to our team. He’s basically our remaining All-Star, he’s a leader, he’s a good player, he’s a nice guy. I have heard so many trade rumors about it, about him leaving. Just to make it VERY clear. He shouldn’t be going anywhere. I have asked myself, “Why does it seem like we are giving up on next season before it starts?” Now I am telling you, Cleveland Indians, dont give up. ( Mark Shapiro, be a little smarter, would you?! ) All you players, get out there & be strong. Fight every day, & try your best no matter what’s happening. Be agressive, be proud to be where you are in life. Meanwhile, I will try to do the same. I will try to look on the positive side, & never give up on you. As a matter of fact, I would never give up on you. I dont care who does, I wont. I dont care if some Yankees fan wearing a Yankees jersey stares me down because I’m wearing a Tribe shirt. (It’s happened, it was sort of creepy ) I dont care if a Phillies fan torments me, saying that Cliff Lee is definetely going to Philly, even before the trade took place. I really, DO NOT CARE if a Red Sox fan calls this team a joke. You know why? Cause you are not. Keep fighting, believe in yourself, & show the world what you can do. What you can be. Grady, even if you end up leaving within the years to come, you will still be my hero. No matter where you go, it will always be the same. To all the players, I listen/watch you every day, unless it’s an off-day. Or, of course, off season. I feel hurt when players get traded, just like you do. I am there when you win, & I feel the joy of it along with all of you. I’m there when you have a bad game, & I swallow my pride & look forward to the next game, hoping to feel that familiar satisfied feeling of a solid win. I’m there when fans of other teams chime in & say what they think, which sometimes isn’t such a good thing to say. I’m always there, & always will be. No matter what, I will always be a fan of the Cleveland Indians. Good luck, & keep fighting. I believe in every single one of you.

Until Next Time..


Moving Up In The Standings With Our Win :)

Yesterday afternoon seemed to have a great start to it. & This time I was right about it being a good start. We led 1-0, but then a homer by the Jays tied the score. Eventually, we took the lead 4-1. ANOTHER homer by the Jays made it 4-3. The Tribe packed on some insurance, & made it 5-3. Then, it became 5-4. We went to the bottom of the ninth, & the Tribe put in Kerry Wood to close it, & he did a fantastic job to get the win. Because of that win, we are now no longer in last place & are in fourth. I mean, it’s so much better than last!


Alright, I know I know. I’m excited about being fourth. My mom was teasing me & kept saying, “Were number four, Were number four!” It’s so much better than last, is all I’m saying.

More about the game, is the fact that Shin-Shoo Choo & Grady Sizemore seem to be out of their slumps, which is awesome. Some of the Tribe fans that went to Wednesdays’ game were disappointed because it was Korean Heritage Night at the Rogers Centre, & some fans came, thinking Choo was going to be there. Of course, Wedge picked that day to put Choo on a well derserved off day.
medium_Shin-Soo-Choo.jpgChoo definetely made it up to those fans yesterday during the game, when he hit a key two run triple.

Another story about this game is that Chris Gimenez made his major league debut for the Tribe as a catcher. But, the thing he was most worried about for the game was not about being a catcher,instead of an outfielder. It was that he had lost his passport to get out of Canada. The Radio interview he did was funny, because they asked him about it. “I hope to heck they found it. My whole family is heading down to Seattle.” They all laughed, even Chris. “Well we hope to see you down there..” More laughing. By that time I was laughing too 🙂 “Yeah, I hope I will be able to talk to you down there in Seattle,” responded Chris. That was one of the funniest interviews I have ever heard, to be honest! 🙂


I was so happy when Grady Sizemore got his first hit out of his slump. Why? Well, for one, it’s tough to see any members of my favorite team go through a slump. & Two, the reason I’m trying out for softball & center field next year is because of him. I’m even going to try to get the No. 24 if I make the team. Seems as though I’m not the only one who’s happy..


wowee 4th place.jpg


Now, this is my face after yesterday’s win..


thumbs up happy face.jpg

Until next time..