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Tribe Takes Another Series In Grand Style (:

Sorry about my absence lately, it’s been hectic. School starts soon for me, on August 24th, so I have been sort of busy. I have a lot of games I haven’t covered, but I only have time to cover yesterdays, which was a great one. We had won our 5oth game the day before, which I could watch on TV for once, & I could also watch yesterdays. Well, the Twins took the lead 3-0, & I wasn’t so happy. I have learned though, to sit there & be as patient as possible, & dont give up. It payed off. To open up the bottom of the 3rd, Kely Shoppach of the Tribe hit a solo blasted homer, making it 3-1. I smiled, & felt a little better. Then, Luis Valbuena sent a monster out, making it 3-2. I was shocked & happy by then. Andy Marte got hit by a pitch, sending him to 1st. Then, who better to come up, then my hero? Grady Sizemore came up to bat. I started getting a little greedy, & thought ; Hey, if he hits a homer, that would be amazing! Plus, we would be suddenly winning! I wasn’t prepared for him to hit one, though. He did! It was crushed to the upperdeck! It was suddenly 4-3 Tribe.


You should have seen the reaction from Luis Valbuena, it was definetely a Kodak moment, & it you want to, it’s on the 3rd highlights link, & after Grady Sizemore’s homer. Yes, I only have three links, because the 3rd is of the three homers in the same inning. It was awesome.


Last but certainly not least, people keep saying Asdrubal Cabrera is the next Omar Vizquel for the Tribe. & I cant help saying, that, he is! He’s an amazing shortstop. Some of the plays he makes are unbelievable. Oh, we eventually won the game 7-3. Cant forget that part! 



Here are the highlights. I would watch the 3rd one, its my favorite.

Until next time..