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Just When I Thought We Were Out Of The Cellar. . .

It was just one of those nights. One of those days. One of those GAMES. The kind of games that can carry over even into your next day and leave you hanging your head, and leaving you in an all around bad mood. I was expecting us to win. Carl Pavano was pitching, for goodness sakes. NO, that was to much to ask for, for him to pitch good as he usually does. Plus, to make it worse, the Royals had one of their best pitchers on the mound. It was one of those games..where nothing comes good out of it. Alright, so here is the story from my point of view. I was just done practicing for softball with my dad, so I came in to listen a little late. Well, it didnt matter, because as soon as I turned it on the Royals jumped straight up 1-0. I sighed but stayed there, because I knew that wasnt a huge lead or a big deal by any stretch. Then, a little later when nothing was happening, and when I thought I wasn’t going to get any action for awhile anyways, I went down to take a quick shower, then ran right back upstairs in my PJs. The broadcasters came right back on, and proceeded to tell me it was 5-0 Royals. I literally screamed “WHAT?! 5-0?!” and just sat there with my mouth open. Oh, it would get worse. MUCH WORSE.
To top it all off, my new comfy Indians pillow that I had got that day, (Which I really do love) had the seam on one part of it coming off, it was made of some sort of plastic material. So, my lazy butt didn’t feel like getting scissors, so I moped and just tore it off. A second later, I knew something was wrong, and I looked down at my finger. I basically got a monster of a plastic version of a paper cut, and I had to go downstairs ANYWAYS to get a band-aid. Guess what?! There wasn’t any. So I had to use masking tape. Yes, masking tape. So, I put together my make-shift band-aid, and in the midst of putting my band-aid on, I could hear the radio and that the bases were loaded. Then, who would have guessed? “Its going back to right..it’s gone.” I couldn’t help it. I had been holding in all my frustration, and my 15 year old feelings and brain just couldn’t hold it all in. I started crying. I just let go of all my frustration, and I felt like a big baby in the process. Things happen, I guess. It was 9-0, and it would stay that way for the final score. I felt like if I were at the game, I would have done what slider did in this video,


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Carl had a horrible game, to say the least. I understand these things happen, there are bad days. Thanks to his pitching and our lack of offensive runs because of the good pitching of the Royals..what’s his face..( Dont know his name and dont really care )were back in last place. Fantastic. He should look forlorn like in this photo, that was probably my face for most of the game :


The only time I smiled through the whole game was when the broadcasters were talking about all the seagulls in Pro Field, and how they supposedly come there because they mate a lot and there hungry, and the one guy goes ; “Well if they mate a lot why are they hungry?!” and then they started cracking up, which I found sorta amusing. Then the other goes, “LOOK! There’s one and he is smoking a cigarrette!” Wow, that made them laugh for fifteen minutes straight, laughing so hard they were choking, and they could barely even call the game. The funny thing is, they were serious! There really was a seagull smoking! This isn’t the video, I couldn’t find it. But this does show all the seagulls at Pro Field.

And last but not least.. we may be out of first, but we still have the Indians fans style.
Never give up, it’s a lesson we all need to learn, and the lesson Indians fans live on.
GO TRIBE. This last vid sort of made me laugh.. I really dont mind Pavano at all, I really like him and I think he could be good for our team. Right now, I am sort of just wanting to say something, even though I dont exactly mean it. It’s just my way ( OTHER WAY) of getting my frustration out. So here, this is the video I found that I got a chuckle out of.
( Dont take if personally Carl, we still love you! )

Markie Caps Off Win For The Tribe, and Also, Not Being In Last Place! (GO TRIBE)

Last night’s game was sort of strange, and unpredictable, to say the least. I had to listen to it on the radio, like most games, except for the few that are on channel 3, 8, or ESPN. I was getting very frustrated and upset. I had seen this before. The Indians come into a game having a good chance to win, and an important game, but they instead get trampled over. No. Not this game. After 5 innings were over, I was beginning to get restless. I sat there eating my Ramen noodle soup, as a way to comfort and prepare myself for a beating. But after the batter was walked and the first man was on in the sixth, I could sense a rally, as most baseball fans can sense those well. I sat forward on my bed, and listened in amazement as MY TRIBE, the INDIANS, came back and tied it. It may have been partly because of Royal’s errors, but I was still more proud of my team than a mother would be for her kid that just graduated HS. It was an indescribable feeling. Then, one of my new favorites, Mark DeRosa, (Markie as I call him) was up. The bases were (get this! 😀 ) loaded. and I sorta maybe yelped “MARKIE!” out loud at my radio..yep, that’s how excited I was that he was up to bat..and I instantly knew what I wanted him to do so so bad. See, the Indians, till that at bat, had not had a Grand Slam in Pro Field yet. So, after the broadcaster’s described his first swinging strike as “swinging so hard he almost fell over,” I knew what Mark was trying to do. I was only suprised at what happened next because, well, were not always the most luck-filled team as to recieve a Grand Slam when we most needed it. I heard the bat crack, and I heard, “LONG DRIVE, DEEP RIGHT FiELD, THiS HAS A CHANCE, HE’S LOOKiNG UP…GONNNNNNEEEEEE! GRAND SLAM!” It was 8-4! I basically ran around my room, I was so happy. At the end, that was the most important part of the whole game, because we won it 8-4 that night. Plus, we climbed out of last in our division. I feel like a million bucks, since were not in last place. It sounds stupid, but I really do.

victor and mark celebrate!

More things I might add, the Indians now have Joe Smith back in our bullpen, which will give us quite a boost. Jake Westbrooke, one of our best leaders for this team we have ever had, will be hopefully pitching with us again, after being out for a year, by the end of this month. and Jhonny Peralta, who many people have doubted, is starting to get really hot at the plate! And I always honestly knew he would, he is an amazing player and will always give you an RBI when you need one the most. Dont look now. Markie, who many people ALSO doubted would do anything for our Tribe, has the most RBIs of our team, and is HOT HOT HOT with a bat in his hand, and even in his defensive skills.
I dont know about other Tribe fans, but I would say that if we keep this up, were in the running for a division title. Watch out Central, here we come/climb! 😉

jhonny peralta

RALLIES AND RALLY PIES! Bring on the rally pies. 🙂 It’s definetely rally pie season,
and rally season. So, I found some awesome videos, to get us ready! LETS GO TRIBE.

And yes, I do respect the Yankees, but this WAS an amazing beating on them. And the weird story behind that was that, I actually got to watch this one on T.V, and before the game I told my mom that I hoped they would score some runs, because I said qoute ; “It feels like every time I actually get to watch the game, they dont score any runs.” WOW DID THEY SCORE RUNS! 🙂 I found it very ironic, but I was so glad we won. And by that amount, too!