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Looking To The Future

Today the Tribe plays a night game at 7:07pm. We are playing against the Blue Jays, with Cliff Lee on the mound. The last game Cliff Lee pitched, he won. Hopefully we can bag anothher win & have some fun doing it, too. There are more things to talk about other than that, like the trade rumors. There are some swirling around about Victor Martinez & Cliff Lee. Do I think they are true? No. It’s a simple fact that those guys mean a lot to the Indians, & the Tribe would be crazy to trade them unless it was the best deal in the world. As for Victor, he has a genuine love for the Tribe & the fans of Cleveland, so why would we trade him? Here is a question that I found on the Indians Official Site, & it hit me hard, because I am thinking the same thing,

Can you give an update about Shin-Soo Choo’s military service requirement? I just really hope we don’t lose the most consistent player on our roster, nor do I want to lose the rain of “Chooooo” filling the stadium when he homers or throws a man out at second from the corner of the outfield. — Mike K., Akron, Ohio

Shin-Shoo-Choo is amazing. He seems like a good person, & he also does a lot for our club. If he does leave for military service after next year, it will break my heart. I will be worried about him, & I will also miss the rain of “Chooooo!” also. I really dont want him to leave, but if he has to leave & service the military then..I guess he should. I just really hope he might get a free-pass from the government to stay with the Indians.

aww choo.jpg

I honestly cant wait for tonight’s game. I’m ready to get back in buisness with my Tribe watching & hope for a win 🙂 I hope we can crush the Jays. I REALLY hope they dont crush us!

One more thing I must look back on. It was one of the funniest things ever..& this picture should give you a clue. Shin-Shoo-Choo was also the one that hit the baseball that went off the seagull allowing us to win! I found this picture & thought it was a funny thing. Well, it’s true, which is one of the reasons it’s so funny! ( Sorry Royals Fans ) Anyways, I also really like that color blue. Another random but true fact. That win was probably one of the weirdest ways ever in MLB to win a game. Thank you, seagulls!

One of Those Games That Really Hurt

Well, this one hurts. The Tribe was down 3-0, but we eventually tied it 3-3 & I was very happy by that point. I thought we could win. Well, eventually Kerry Wood gave up some runs, & it was 5-3 Mariners going into the bottom of the ninth. The Tribe had two outs & one guy on base, & Victor Martinez came to bat. The crowd was going crazy, hoping for a homer which would tie the game & give us a chance. Well, he swung & I thought it was going out. It went so far..but right at the wall Ichiro jumped & made the catch. Ouch..Victor seemed as shocked & upset as I was, & you could hear a collective sigh from the crowd. It cant be happening again. Will the second half be any better? I hope so. Another thing, I felt betrayed because of Franklin Gutierrez. He used to be with the Tribe, & Ichiro said Franklin seemed more happy about the catch then Ichiro was. ..Wow. Anyways, I hope the next series is better..

Tribe Looks To Split Series At Even

The Tribe lost yesterday in what can only be called a pitcher’s duel. The Mariners pitcher did a great job- AGAiN. No wonder they say the reason the Mariners win a lot is because of their pitchers! That’s a lesson about just how important pitchers can be. The final score was 3-1. I liked how the Tribe didn’t give up, they kept trying to put the ball into play but were not able to a lot. Our bullpen did a great job, so the final score was nothing like the score could have been. Grady Sizemore had a few great plays, & even a diving catch. The fans at Pro Field cheered until the very end, which actually made it a lot easier to deal with the fact that we lost, for some reason. Today we have a afternoon game at 1:05 & look to even the series at 2 games a piece. One thing I cant help but hear the rumors about..will Eric Wedge still be the manager by the end of the year?

Tribe Enters 2nd Half With A Win & A Different Line-Up :)

I was so excited to finally get back to the season after the break, & I certainly should have been, because we started the 2nd half off with a resounding “W!” The first thing I noticed while sitting in my room getting ready for the game with my usual Ramen Noodles, was that Grady Sizemore was back in the lead-off spot & the line-up had a new look. I was really excited about that, because I know what a 1-2-3 punch of Grady, Asdrubal, & Choo can do to you. ( Hey that ryhmes! ) Anyways, we automatically took the lead in the first 1-0. We kept piling it on the whole game & eventually it was 3-0. After that the Mariners hit a homer to make it 3-1. Cliff Lee probably got fired up after that, because the rest of the game he just got better & better. This is what I would like to imagine what the baseball looked like coming at the Mariner’s hitters after that single homer was given up,


Wondering what the line-up looks like & why I’m making a big deal out of it? OK 🙂

Grady Sizemore, CF

Asrubal Cabrera, SS

Shin-Shoo-Choo, RF

Victor Martinez, 1B

Travis Hafner, DH

Jhonny Peralta, 3B

Ben Francisco, LF

Jamey Carroll, 2B

Kelly Shoppach, C

& Now that Grady is in the lead-off spot again, he seems to be pretty comfortable there..after all, he made great offensive & great defensive plays also, like the leaping grab at the wall to save extra bases from happening for the Mariners. I’m really glad he is back in the lead-off spot!


Not to be out-done, Asdrubal decided he would make some good plays too, making a smooth behind-the-back throw to the second base-man to start an amazing double play.
Here is the link to watch it : http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?mid=200907175581861 Grady said this about that defensive play ; “It was pretty special,” Sizemore said. “He made it look easy.”

After the game Cliff Lee was interviewed about his full-game, 4-1 win. I listened to it, & just as they were waiting for him to come & get interviewed, they started talking about all the trade rumors that have been going on. Of course, Cliff came up right as they were talking about him, & they started laughing. In the interview, they eventually asked him what he thought about all the rumors & how he deals with them, & he responded, “What rumors?” That’s your awnser right there. 🙂 He said, “I try not to really pay attention to any of those rumors. I dont read newspapers or any other articles about me or about rumors, all I pretty much watch is SportsCenter.” That got me laughing, & also I was shocked that he watched SportsCenter, because that’s basically what I watch, too. I shouldn’t probably have been shocked, but I was.

I know the fans were happier than they have been for awhile, ( I know I was ), because they filled up Pro Field pretty good & were even chanting “lets go tribe,” which I haven’t heard them do for awhile. 🙂 It was all around an enjoyable game for me. This is probably what I imagine all the players were doing after the game, since they all played a really good game.

ta dah.jpg


Getting Ready For The Second Half of The Season

First off, the non-serious & sort of funny/ironic stuff. Well, I am going to put a picture under this paragraph that I found, where Ryan Garko is signing autographs & hats. Focus on one hat, it’s beige with a dark blue cap, & it’s right by Ryan’s arm. I have the same hat! It’s a Tribe hat, & I have one that look’s just like it! Thought I would post it & show everyone. 🙂

ryan garko and my hat!.jpg

Next, first half evaluations, to get ready for the second half. The official Tribe Site has the same evaluations, but I am going to make my own version of what I think about everything.

Club MVP: Shin-Shoo-Choo. He is always producing runs in any way possible, & even had a 7 RBI game one day, & had two home-runs, making it a triple away from a cycle.


Call him “Ace”:Cliff Lee, whose record is certainly not accurate according to how good he has done. He has always been our ace, also. Other than C.C, who is gone now.

Greatest strength: I agree with the Tribe site again, our greatest strength right now is our very good run production, which averages over 5 runs a game.

Biggest problem: Obviously the bullpen & pitching.

Biggest surprise: That would be that Mark DeRosa was traded.

Team needs: Mostly pitching, but maybe another slugger in the line-up could also help.

Mark your calendar: July 31-Aug. 2: The Indians will enshrine Sandy Alomar Jr. into their team Hall of Fame at Heritage Park during the weekend series against the Tigers. Former pitcher Wes Ferrell and former owners Bill Veeck and Dick Jacobs will be inducted posthumously; Sept. 22-30: The final homestand of 2009 features games against the Tigers and White Sox, as the Indians could have a direct say in how the final AL Central standings shake out; Oct. 1-4: The Indians wrap up the season with a four-game set in Boston’s famous Fenway Park. ( Just going to keep what the Official Indians Site had, that pretty much sums up the important dates, credit goes to them )

Fearless second-half prediction: The Tribe will show some improvement, & likely make some trades, & I know they will definetely get better. 🙂

OK, now ending on a hilarious note. You all have to watch this video! It’s funny even if you are not a fan of the Tribe. Luis Valbuena of the Tribe & the Pittsburgh mascot were not getting along. Now some warnings for the second half : WATCH OUT FOR THE CRAZY PARROT MASCOT WHO WILL STEAL YOUR GLOVE! Oh, & one more thing before the video..WATCH OUT FOR THE CRAZY INSANE SEAGULLS!


Now watch your back or the crazy parrot mascot will come & get you.