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Proud To Be An American Leaguer – & Victor Martinez’s Great Game

Well, this All-Star Game sure wasn’t disappointing! The AL League won as many expected we would again. It wasn’t all the way into the early morning hour’s, and Victor got a very fair amount of playing time. One thing that stands out about Vic, is that his son is always there with him. I find it so adorable! When the camera’s were on him, little Victor even flashed a peace sign for the cameras. Martinez, when asked about his son, said he hopes to be back for more mid-summer classics, but just in case, he gets as many souvenirs as possible for his son. “We got some stuff,” Martinez said, “so I can show it to him when he gets older.”


Victor’s only at-bat was sort of disappointing to me at first. He got intentionally walked! I could guess his thoughts by the look on his face : “Come on! I want to drive someone home!” He was laughing the whole time though, it was all smiles with him. 🙂 There is good in that, obviously his competitors are scared to face him, which makes me feel all warm and bubbly for some reason. Yes, be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID. When asked about it he said, “”That’s the last thing you think is going to happen, getting intentionally walked in your only at-bat,” Martinez said with a laugh. “That’s OK, though. I had fun.”
Victor’s help and contribution to the AL was definetely well known. He got us through a rough inning, and made one of the last out’s of the game. I am very happy for him, and
I’m glad he did so well.

Carl Crawford was the eventual MVP, for his huge catch that robbed the NL of a home-run, or we would have had some extra-innings, & maybe even lost in extra innnings.
robbed homerun.jpg

Another rumor is swirling around about trading. This time, it’s of Victor Martinez going to the Red Sox?! No thanks. He seems to not want to be traded, because he came right out and said it. So please. DO NOT TRADE VICTOR. I have heard many Tribe fans already screaming that. He wants to stay, so do.not.trade.him. Asked about the Red Sox, he said, “They have a pretty good team, and I think if you ask around, everyone would like to play in Boston. I talk to David Ortiz [stats] when I have a chance, and some of the other guys, and they tell me how much fun it is there.”But that doesn’t mean I want to leave Cleveland. I hear some of the rumors, but I’ve tried to do a pretty good job of staying away from all the news about me.”

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Getting Ready For The All-Star Game, & A Look At My Tribe-Filled Life.

This is going to be a entry with a lot of different info, so brace yourself. :}
First off, the home-run derby of last night. I watched the whole thing, and let me tell you..I was so wrong in my predictions! I thought it would come down to Albert and Carlos, & it came down to Nelson & Price. Who, “became king” according to the announcers. I was very suprised that Albert didn’t win, I thought he would at least be the top two. I enjoyed the derby a lot, and the special thing is..this was the first one I ever saw! It wont be my first All-Star game though, I watched that last year and stayed up until 1:00 in the morning.

prince fielder 2009 homerun derby.jpg

Albert Pujols did very well though, I really liked his swing. The weird thing I noticed was that before when he swung, he had a kick to it, & then he suddenly didn’t. Either he was trying to lucky up his swing, or he was just tired, I’m not sure.


Okay, now into my Tribe-Filled Life. I cant have an Indians blog without talking about just how obsessive I am about my team. First off, my room. Every year I get more Tribe stuff to put in my room, & this is what I have so far : An Indians blanket and matching pillow, a Grady Sizemore Pennant, a “Official Indians Clubhouse” sign that you see before you enter my room, a Tribe Teddy Bear,a Grady Sizemore Cup, a Indians pennant, a Indians license plate, a Shin-Shoo-Choo poster, a HUGE blow up bat, a Mini Indians bat, a Indians doorhanger, a Indians flag, an Indians Pez Dispenser, a Indians ticket, 2 Tribe headbands and 2 sweatbands, a Indians cup, a Omar Vizquel baseball, and a regular Tribe baseball, & some pictures around my room. Now that’s just accesories..I have a lot of Tribe clothes too. I am going to put some pics below.


clubhouse (3).jpg

clubhouse (5).jpg

These are not all my Tribe things, just some of them. & The words about Cleveland fans is what is on the back of my Indians Pez Dispenser. 🙂

Last but NOT least, the All-Star Game. Who do you all think will win? I hope the AL wins, and to be honest I think they will. I’m predicting another extra inning game. Victor Martinez is catching, & he is the only representative going to the game for us. He said this about the All Star Game ; “Getting to be here with my family and enjoying it is great,” he said. “You look around and you see all these great players, and you have to enjoy it. The All-Star Game is all about having fun.” He was also asked where he would like to be next & said ; “I would like to stay [with Cleveland],” he said, “and hopefully retire as an Indian.”

victor martinez al all star game catcher.jpg