& While We Wait For Tonight’s Game..

I have a ton of awesome things to talk about. First, Our No.1 Draft pick Alex White, was signed last night just before the deadline, to over $2 million dollars. Wow, thats a lot of moolah. Now, I think he has a chance to be a star. An ace. With all these trades, it’s obvious what the Tribe is asking.

Yeah, that’s about right. Well, now we know one of the things that the Tribe will do. Personally? I think it’s a good decision. Some of the fans made me laugh with their comments…one even jokingly said ; “Does he play qb?” That makes room for me to say this..I love the Browns. & It should be Brady Quinn for QB! Ahem. Okay. I had a moment.  Another thing I saw ; “If he makes the roster next year Wedge will try him at shortstop.” I hope that’s intended to be a joke..he looks like a pitcher, which is what he should be. I sure thought it was funny, though. & Another one I got mad at ; ” Let’s make sure we “bring him along slowly”…you know….watch his pitch count…..so that he’ll be really strong when he leaves and signs with Boston, NY or Philly.” HEY. Come on now, people. Was that a Yanks fan? Bet it was. Nothing against Yankees fans, though.

Alright, on to some really funny stuff. Remember in my last entry, where I was talking about Luis Valbeuna’s reactions to Grady’s 3rd homerun of the inning, that put us up 4-3 after being down 3-0? Well, here you go.

luis reaction hahaa.jpg

Yes, I know. Kodak moment. Cant you almost hear his thoughts? “Woahh..we did that? THIS IS AMAZING.” It was amazing.(: That’s a look of pure shock. A look of unbelievalbleness. Did I spell that right? Oh well.

Also, the Indians have been on fire lately. & You know what? I dont care if we aren’t in it, it’s still amazing. The race, that is. We have lost so many people, but somehow..the future is starting to look bright. Weird how things turn out, right? & Now..I give the Tribe a ribbon, for not giving up & doing their best no matter what.
i1st place.gif

 Alright, of course there is that one thing..last but not least. Me & a fellow Tribe fan on here decided to sort of buddy up, to help eachother get as many comments as possible. Yeah, were a team. That’s what fellow Tribe fans do for eachother, they help eachother out. (: So, here we go. Visit my friend’s blog, okay? OK.

Its http://tribewithted.mlblogs.com/



Oh, I almost forgot. Dexter says Hi!

Cleveland-indians-white-dex.jpg Until next time..



  1. indianslove

    Matt – Haha thank you. (: I found that somewhere, I think on google images, & thought it would be nice somewhere on my blog. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for good pics, & I sure hope they keep improving! I think my goal that I would love for them to reach is .5oo


  2. raysrenegade

    Love that reaction.
    It is funny sometimes when I zoom in with my camera into the dugout and see some of the celebration “dance” moves and handshakes that the player think up for special occasions.
    You could make a workout video to them and make a fortune for a team’s charity.
    Best thing about this time of the year is if your team is not playing super competitive ball, some of the hungry guys stream up from the minor leagues and make it interesting.
    For some of the called-up guys, it is their time to shine before Spring Training and get into the minds of the coaching staff.
    Always fun when there is baseball on tap.

    Rays Renegade


  3. indianslove

    Rays Renegade – Yeah, I thought it was hilarious! I saw those dances when the Tribe was winning & those handshakes, it pretty much makes your day when you see your team so happy. Wow, that would be so cool..like a montage of all the moments.


  4. azinneck

    That screenshot is hilarious — I love watching the guys in the dugouts during the games, sometimes they do the funniest things (especially when you can’t tell what they are saying to each other). And the way the team has banded together after the trades diced it up, they do deserve a ribbon 🙂 It will be interesting to see how they close out the season…

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